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  • A Sobering Message About the Future at AI’s Biggest Party

    Read why researchers say that deep learning, which led to great advances in AI over the past decade, is nearing its limits and new approaches are needed for further progress on the Wired : More than 13,000 artificial intelligence mavens flocked to Vancouver this week for the world’s leading academic AI conference, NeurIPS. The venue […] More

  • Zoom: Leader in video-first unified communications

    We track Zoom Video Communications in our online tech demo directory in the Collaborative Tools category. Zoom Video Communications is the leader in video-first unified communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based […] More

  • Event Examines A Security Perspective Post-COVID-19

    I look forward to discussing the topic of the continuing complex dynamics around cybersecurity in this 11 November online panel hosted by ISRM and TinyG. Please join us and help us learn from the situation we are all facing together. Our discussion topic will discuss that as a result of COVID 19, the threats we […] More

  • What is confidential computing? How can you use it?

    We’ve all heard about encryption in-transit and at-rest, but as organizations prepare to move their workloads to the cloud, one of the biggest challenges they face is how to process sensitive data while still keeping it private. However, when data is being processed, there hasn’t been an easy solution to keep it encrypted. Confidential computing is […] More

  • Developing a Cloud Security Strategy

    The move to the cloud has been a megatrend CTOvision has  tracked and sought to accelerate ourselves for over a decade. It is a major thrust of our research and reporting. But it takes some planning to optimize. This includes planning your cloud security. A cloud security strategy is key. We were pleased to find […] More

  • Think Through Disaster Response Before You Need To with STAR-TIDES

    The annual STAR-TIDES event is running 20-21 October, this time online. I’m participating in a panel focused on improving resiliency across the many stovepipes of response in crisis. Here is more: STAR-TIDES is a global knowledge-sharing network that focuses on building sustainable resilience, promoting human security (freedom from want and freedom from fear), and creating […] More

  • Google Cloud AI Prediction Service Becomes Generally Available

    Google announced the general availability of AI Prediction service, a key component of its AI Platform. The service supports hosting the models trained in popular machine learning frameworks including TensorFlow, XGBoost and Scikit-Learn. The AI Prediction service acts as the last stage of the machine learning pipeline. It hosts trained machine learning models in the […] More

  • CSPM Vs. CIEM: Demystifying Two Popular Cloud Security Acronyms

    Read Shai Morag explain the difference between cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud infrastructure entitlements management (CIEM) on Forbes: The growing migration, in virtually every industry, of enterprise IT workloads to cloud infrastructures from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure has spawned several new categories of technologies designed to help organizations manage […] More

  • The Secret to AI Is People

    Read why Nada R. Sanders and John D. Wood say that artificial intelligence requires a transformation in the way of thinking on Harvard Business Review : Too many business leaders still believe that AI is just another ‘plug and play’ incremental technological investment. In reality, gaining a competitive advantage through AI requires an organizational transformation […] More

  • When The PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs Publicly Denounces Your Analysis You Are Probably On To Something (“If you’re taking flak you must be over the target”)

    Recorded Future’s RedDelta analysis was so spot on it causes and unprecedented PRC response. The Insikt Group of researchers at Recorded Future published a fact-based report on 28 July 2020 titled “Chinese State-Sponsored Group ‘RedDelta’ Targets the Vatican and Catholic Organizations” which provided insights into a cyberespionage campaign that targeted several Catholic Church related organizations, […] More

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