What if you could show key Social Media/Web2.0 sites in one graphic?

Overdrive is a company that specializes in helping others leverage the social media landscape.  They produced a great graphic that gives at least a high level overview of the key social media and web2.0 world.  Click on the image here for a larger view download the PDF here: Download social-media-map.pdf (1330.3K) I really like this […]

Vivek Kundra: Democratizing Data and Putting it in the Public Domain

I’m hoping most enterprise CTOs have had a chance to learn more about Vivek Kundra’s Apps for Democracy initiative.  I’m really impressed by this activity for many reasons, but primarily because it got results of use to the citizens and visitors of DC.  This initiative proved yet again that Vivek Kundra is a CTO who […]

Wall Street Crisis, Enterprise Technology and Cloud Computing

I just read a great overview on “The Tech Fallout from the Wall Street Crisis” posted by Rich Miller at the Data Center Knowledge site.   Here are four of the six key points Rich makes: North American financial companies will slash their IT spending 27.3 percent to $17.6 billion next year, down from $24.2 billion […]

Android: Disruptive? Not enough info to say

Google and T-Mobile just announced the arrival of the G1 device today.  This is the first cell phone to use Google’s new open “Android” operating system.   Android will almost certainly change the mobile computing fabric.  It is the first open and free mobile platform and since it is backed by Google it is not going […]

The greatest new technologies (and great drama too!)

I like technology and I like drama.   These are two of the greatest of human creations.  And they can be even more interesting when combined. There has been some real drama in the West Coast tech scene the past few weeks, heating up to a boil in the last few days, and about to come […]

Is Your CTO Making You Stupid?

Nicholas Carr writes in ways that makes people think.  I really enjoyed reading his latest in the Atlantic titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” This article covers some rather significant trends that IT is pushing into the global social fabric.  The changes he talks about are disturbing.  They are infecting people like a fast spreading disease. There […]