Arizona State University Adopts Hortonworks Data Platform to Shed Light on the Genetic Links to Cancer

Recently announced, Arizona State University (ASU) is using Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP™) to further cancer research. With HDP, ASU researchers have the tools they need to store, process, and query more data at a faster pace, allowing researchers to ask better questions and uncover new links between genetics and cancer. ASU has put an emphasis on innovative approaches […]

Improving Security and Efficiency in the Public Sector with Hadoop

Interested in using Hadoop in the federal space?  A white paper has been added to the CTOVision Research Library which showcases several use cases for improving security and efficiency for government agencies using Hadoop. Use Cases are grouped together into two main themes: IT Efficiency and Good Government practices. IT Efficiency covers offloading ETL to […]

The President Speaks At Hadoop World: Introduces DJ Patil as Nation’s First Chief Data Scientist

Data science history was made on 19 Feb 2015. For the first time in the history of Hadoop World, the President of the United States gave a keynote. Dwell on that for a bit. This is huge. No matter what your politics is, you really have to agree, this is huge. After the President’s address […]

Google and Hortonworks Team Up: HDP Now Part of Google Cloud

Hortonworks’ Hadoop Data Platform (HDP) is now a supported feature on Google Cloud.  This new feature will allow dynamic provisioning of HDP clusters on the Google Cloud Platform, providing scalability for enterprise-wide solutions employing HDP, as well as providing a means for rapidly setting up prototyping and development environments.  Part of the solution utilizes Apache’s […]

Getting Value From Your Data Scientists

“Simply hiring expensive data scientists isn’t enough. To create real business value with data scientists, top management must learn how to manage them effectively.” In September 2014, Jeanne G. Harris (coauthor of Analytics at Work, Harvard Business Press, 2010) and Vijay Mehrotra (Professor of Business Analytics and Information Systems at the University of San Francisco) […]

Hortonworks: An Apache Hadoop stack with management tools

Hortonworks Data Platform Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is a  open source Apache Hadoop distribution.   It is ideal for organizations that want to combine the power and cost-effectiveness of Apache Hadoop with the advanced services and reliability required for enterprise deployments. Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is the only 100% open source data management platform based on Apache […]