The Technologies At Hadoop World: Here is our cut on the best technologies to see there


Hadoop World was held 15-17 Oct in NYC. This post provides insights into some of the best technologies demonstrated there. CTOvision has attended Hadoop World since the beginning. Attending has helped us better track tech trends and assess the potential business impacts of some of the greatest technologies created for the enterprise. It is also a great place […]

Which Government, Non-Profit and NGO Have Big Data/CDH Lessons Learned To Share?

LOGO_data-impact (1)

If you are in or know people in government, non-profits or NGO’s that have leveraged Hadoop in service to missions please nominate them for recognition as part of the 2014 Data Impact Awards presented by Cloudera. Here is more on this activity: The 2014 Data Impact award, presented by Cloudera, is a great way of helping […]

Big Data: The Hadoop Business Case


Since the birth of Hadoop in 2005-06, the way we think about storing and processing information has evolved considerably. The term “Big Data” has become synonymous with this evolution. But still, many of our customers continue to ask, “What is Big Data?”, “What are its use cases?”, and “What is its business value?”. The Internet […]

New Release of Pentaho Business Analytics and Data Integration Platform Belongs In Your Enterprise


Editor’s note: The Pentaho approach to business analytics and data integration works well with existing legacy approaches to data and every new big data capability we have seen. Pentaho is a well thought out platform that just works. So when they announce a new version we should all take note. This latest version offers enhanced capabilities for […]

Pentaho Continues To Innovate: Data Science Pack Operationalizes Use of R and Weka


SAN JOSE, Calif., June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Hadoop Summit — According to the O’Reilly Data Scientist Salary Survey, R is the most-used tool for data scientists, while Weka is a widely used and popular open source collection of machine learning algorithms. Today, Pentaho Corporation announced the Data Science Pack, a toolkit to operationalize these two commonly used technologies. Through Pentaho […]

Cloudera Strengthens Hadoop Security with Acquisition of Gazzang: Builds on additional community efforts to deliver end-to-end security offering


One thing I really love about being in the technology field is watching things get done that just a short while ago seemed impossible. I felt that way again when reading the press release below.  In the early days of production systems built around Apache Hadoop, security was only possible by limiting access to your […]