When do you pick HBase instead of MySQL?

Facebook works its data magic at scales others only dream of. And they do this for over 600,000,000 people, in real time!  (see: Facebook’s New Real-Time Messaging System: HBase To Store 135+ Billion Messages A Month). Cade Metz just wrote a piece diving deeper into this at The Register. His article is titled “HBase: Shops […]

Hadoop and Business Intelligence

Like my colleague Alex Olesker, I too attended Cloudera Day 2012.  While there were many panels of interest, perhaps one of the most important was Amr Awadallah’s talk about big data applications to business intelligence. Many CTOVision readers with backgrounds in the intelligence community may think of corporate espionage when the phrase “business intelligence” is […]

Context on hBase

HBase is an open source data base with some very special features you should take note of. This post provides some context of hBase. Most of this information was gleaned from the great reference material at Cloudera.com, which has become the go-to site for learning about Big Data approaches, especially capabilities related to Apache Hadoop. […]

Big Data and Hadoop: Information You Can Use to Start Your Deployment

Carahsoft is hosting a webinar that will include an introduction and context by me on the topic of Big Data and Hadoop and then dive into some fantastic context from Omer Trajman, VP of Technology Solutions at Cloudera. Omer will provided an update on CDH and Cloudera Enterprise, two of the most popular capabilities for […]

Perhaps The Most Important Big Data Presentation From Hadoop World

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” said Carl Sagan. This inspiring quote is a tremendous mantra for those in the Big Data movement and it played a central organizing theme to Mike Olson’s keynote at the 2012 Hadoop World/Strata Conference in NYC.  Mike highlighted this quote in his motivational keynote because of its perpetual truth. […]

CTOvision Podcast, an interview with Alicia Saia of MarkLogic

In this podcast I interviewed Alicia Saia, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing, Public Sector at MarkLogic. Alicia and I talked a lot about how MarkLogic is helping to change the way people look at data, how it integrates with their current generation and legacy systems, and how MarkLogic is helping agencies and corporations do business better. […]