8 Major Problems Healthcare CIOs are Facing

The role of CIOs is increasingly changing as the business technology undergoes a major shift, making them face a difficult task of incorporating new technology while still retaining ethical standards of the healthcare industry. Below are some of the major challenges faced by CIOs in their efforts of implementing new technology. Security and Privacy While […]

Big Data in Healthcare Will be the Norm by 2021

As the benefits of big data become more pronounced, this technology is finding a place in an increasing number of industries, not the least of which is the healthcare sector. In fact, some researchers anticipate that big data could become a staple in the way healthcare is administered by as soon as 2121. Let’s take […]

The Perfect and Continuous Storm: Understanding the Cyber Implications of the Regulatory Governance For Security Advisors

Founder and Chief Security Strategist at eSentire Eldon Sprickerhoff recently penned a blog post titled “The Perfect Storm: Understanding the Implications of the Regulatory Governance Spotlight.”  In this piece he underscored the compliance regime around registered investment advisors (RIA), a key descriptor used by the Security and Exchange Commission and other regulatory bodies to refer […]