CIA IT Leaders Are World Class IT Leaders (continued)

CIO magazine continues its reporting on the IT enterprise at CIA and the CIA’s CIO (Al Tarasiuk).  I have little more to add:  My comments from before still stand:  Al is a world class leader and this follow on report just underscores that.  I imagine Al is similar to other great CIOs from industry (folks […]

Intel's Next Generation Chip Architecture

On 21 April 2009 Intel corporation held an “Intelligent Processors” event which highlighted Intel’s next generation chip architecture and the industry leading companies who are incorporating this technology into their products.   The event, pulled together by Nigel Ballard of Intel, included demos by companies like Endeca, Cisco, Cray, Dell, HP, Oracle, VMware, Microsoft and Sun.  […]

Are Netbooks the Solution for You and Your Firm?

Looking for a new mobile solution for your firm’s IT needs? Do not fear, Netbooks are here, and they are more than capable.

Update of the Tech Titans List

The Tech Titans list has just been updated with a new snapshot of the globe’s top Information Technology (IT) firms by market cap. The firms on the list are all important for enterprise chief technology officers (CTO) and chief information officers (CIO) to track. Links to financial information and news sources are provided with […]

Azure Cloud Platform Deployable to Enterprises

Monday 12 July 2010, Microsoft announced and released a new version of its Windows Azure platform which will operate as an appliance.  This platform, which is supported by a strong partner community (including Dell, Fujitsu and HP), provides enhanced means for enterprises to run cloud services, either internally or for their own customers. This is […]

Is the Instant-On Enterprise Right for You?

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. How is your enterprise dealing with Big Data? We’ve written much about the growing benefits and challenges Big Data is posing in the Federal enterprise and have highlighted a number of tools and approaches to addressing issues of big data analytics. While the analytics piece […]