A look ahead: Some technology developments to expect in 2009

2008 was a year of rapid changes for Chief Technology Officers.  We should expect 2009 to move even faster.  Where will the biggest trends take us?  I offer some considerations below.  Please look these over and give me your thoughts.   Push back if you have disagreement. First, my overall advice for CTOs in 2009… […]

CTOs, Global Cyberwar and Our Collective Future

If you are a technologist, please take a moment to download the PDF of the report by the U.S. Commission on Cybersecurity.  This report, titled Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency, is the best proclamation of the challenges of cyber I have read.  It is also a roadmap that will help any trying to navigate […]

Melissa Hathaway Op-Ed on Cyber Security

Below I’m going to post, in its entirety, the text of an e-mail I received from the ODNI notification service.   The subject is an op-ed written by Melissa Hathaway, a senior leader who has been spearheading significant coordination action in the federal government (opinion: Melissa is perhaps the most effective SES-level leader in the US […]

Performance Management In Organizations and Computers

There are some interesting analogies between performance management applied to organizations and performance management applied to computers. In both cases, performance metrics are crucial to success.  In organizations, what we reward gets measured, and what gets measured can be more efficiently and effectively done.   In our computers, what we decide is important gets measured, and […]

Securing Enterprise Data and Computer Power

In March I posted an entry on a significant enhancement in the computing realm, the thin client.   That post focused on how thin client computing is changing the net assessment in computer security (see:  http://ctovision.com/2008/03/computer-security-a-change-to-the-net-assessment/ ). I’ve been really pleased to watch thin client computing take off.  How widespread is adoption now?  In August Sun announced […]

Vision for the Enterprise CTO: Lessons from DNI Vision 2015

This note provides two lessons and a comment for enterprise chief technology officers that comes out of a new vision document from the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). The DNI, Mike McConnell, just released Vision 2015, a vision for a globally networked and integrated intelligence enterprise.   This vision is for far more than just IT, […]