OMB on CIOs: Some context for the enterprise CTO

On 21 October, Mr. Clay Johnson of OMB signed out a memorandum for the heads of all executive departments and agencies in the US government.  Check it out here: Download 20081023-omb-cio-memo.pdf (0.0K) This is a great read and a positive move.  It provides an emphasis on the information technology management structure and governance framework.  This […]

Vision for the Enterprise CTO: Lessons from DNI Vision 2015

This note provides two lessons and a comment for enterprise chief technology officers that comes out of a new vision document from the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). The DNI, Mike McConnell, just released Vision 2015, a vision for a globally networked and integrated intelligence enterprise.   This vision is for far more than just IT, […]


ITIL is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, a set of tips, techniques, processes and concepts for managing an IT enterprise.  ITIL focuses on infrastructure, application development and operations. ITIL is without a doubt the most widely accepted approach to enterprise management.  It provides a full set of best practices. I’ve come to believe that all […]

Protecting Federal Networks Against Cyber Attack

The Department of Homeland Security has released a blueprint for the enhanced protection of federal networks against cyber attacks.  A factsheet for this effort is  available here. Here is a summary of that summary: It declares a policy:  “It is the policy of the United States to prevent or minimize disruptions to our critical information […]

An Enterprise CTO's View of Cyberspace

I heard yet another definition of cyberspace today.  I won’t repeat it here, I’ll just say it was an academic’s definition and it was somewhat useful to the particular conversation we were having.  But it pointed to an enduring problem for those who try to study these concepts.  If everyone everywhere can create their own […]

Vint Cerf of Google and Bob Gourley of on CIO Talk Radio

On Wednesday 28 Jan 2009 at 10am Eastern I’ll be on CIO Talk Radio with one of the stars of the global technology community, Vint Cerf. The topic we will be discussing is cloud computing and the next technology revolution in the US.  Vint is fantastically qualified to discuss this topic, and I’m honored to […]