Melissa Hathaway Op-Ed on Cyber Security

Below I’m going to post, in its entirety, the text of an e-mail I received from the ODNI notification service.   The subject is an op-ed written by Melissa Hathaway, a senior leader who has been spearheading significant coordination action in the federal government (opinion: Melissa is perhaps the most effective SES-level leader in the US […]

Performance Management In Organizations and Computers

There are some interesting analogies between performance management applied to organizations and performance management applied to computers. In both cases, performance metrics are crucial to success.  In organizations, what we reward gets measured, and what gets measured can be more efficiently and effectively done.   In our computers, what we decide is important gets measured, and […]

Automated Resolution of IT Problems

In January 2008 I was named to the advisory board of Triumfant, a company who has mastered the automated detection and resolution of IT problems.  Of all the IT firms I’ve seen, they are the ones with the most comprehensive approach to automated resolution management and the only one I’ve seen that can automate the […]

Protecting Federal Networks Against Cyber Attack

The Department of Homeland Security has released a blueprint for the enhanced protection of federal networks against cyber attacks.  A factsheet for this effort is  available here. Here is a summary of that summary: It declares a policy:  “It is the policy of the United States to prevent or minimize disruptions to our critical information […]

Cyber Initiative and Deterrence

The Cyber Conflict Studies Association (CCSA) is a non-profit group organized to promote and lead a diversified research and intellectual development agenda to advance knowledge in the cyber conflict field. The CCSA is committed to developing academic programs and communities that can help the nation in this emerging area of thought. The CCSA is providing […]

Computer Security: a change to the net assessment

The threat to our computers and networks is very real.   Dozens of millions of malicious bots have been projected to be operating in PCs.  Hackers have penetrated sensitive, seemingly well protected corporate sites.  Denial of service attacks have been conducted against businesses and even countries.  And press reporting indicates even sensitive US government computers have […]