Cyber Defenders and Strategic Thinkers Note: InfoWarCon 2014 will be held January 22-24 in Nashville, TN

The conference that has been at the forefront of the entire cyber operations revolution, InfoWarCon, is back and is better than ever. If you are an enterprise security professional, a corporate risk management executive, a military strategist or a cyber security entrepreneur you will want to engage with this event. To learn more and to […]

The Future of Air Force Cyber Warfare

As part of the Pentagon’s increasing focus on offensive computer network operations, on August 22, the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center issued a broad agency announcement inviting “concept papers addressing Information Operations(IO)  focusing on Cyberspace Warfare Operations (CWO).” This pre-solicitation calls for ten page proposals with estimated prices and delivery periods for a wide range of […]

Review: Cyberspace and the State

Cyberspace is an evolving medium, and the best strategic thinking about cyber dimensions of commerce, security, politics, and warfare is likely yet to come. I was happy, however, to read David Betz and Tim Stevens’ recent International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) monograph Cyberspace and the State: Toward a Strategy for Cyber-Power. It is a […]

Information Warfare: A Historical Approach

Information warfare is thought to be a product of what, broadly speaking, is considered the “information” era. However, if we correctly understand what information war is, we can see that it stretches back to the dawn of organized conflict itself. Dorothy Denning defines information warfare (IW) as “operations that target or exploit information resources.” Information resources consist of containers […]

The Devil is in the Details: Seven Tests to Apply to any Cyber Conflict Concept

In September 1997 the US Naval Institute ran an article I wrote titled “The Devil is in the Details: Information War in the Field and Fleet.” Now 13 years later there are a few things I wrote in that article I wish I could take back! But for the most part I believe it still […]

An Assessment on the Cyber Threat

How would you describe the threat to the US information infrastructure? If you are a technologist or a national security expert or both I hope you would use your background and experience and expertice and produced a fused-all source assessment based on facts. But it is also ok to cite the masters, folks who really […]