An interview with PowerAssure's CTO, Clemens Pfeiffer

Last week I was fortunate enough to sit down with Power Assure’s CTO and co-founder, Clemens Pfeiffer. Power Assure provides data center data center infrastructure and energy management tools, but their expertise with data centers carries far beyond just power management. Clemens spoke to me about how Power Assure can help any data center identify […]

NSF releases Cloud Computing Report

The National Science Foundation released their report on cloud computing. It can be found here. The intent of this report is to provide information that guides funding programs. The NSF used NIST’s guidance on cloud computing to inform their research and decision making. This report will be instrumental in informing Federal decision makers and cloud […]

Partnership for Public Service Hosts Federal CIO Steve VanRoekel in Workshop for Government IT Professionals

If you are a federal CTO or CIO or other IT professional please read on for information on a workshop coordinated by the Partnership for Public Service. First, a word about the Partnership, from their website: The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to revitalize our federal government by inspiring […]

Amazon Instant Video for the iPad, Google unveils Android Blog and more

In order to provide more value to their users, Amazon has rolled out the instant video app for the iPad. Amazon’s instant video offering has a huge library of free streaming video for Prime subscribers. Amazon is trying to show that while Netflix and Hulu Plus can stream video, they are not the only game […]

Android and BB safer for SMS, Samsung and Apple Patent Sanction in Korea and more

Here are today’s top technology stories. AdaptiveMobile has recently tested the iPhone and found a serious SMS flaw – as more reports of mobile exploits are released, it seems that SMS to be a serious flaw across the board. Both Android and iOS have been hit hard by SMS weaknesses. Via InformationWeek, more here. Bitcoin inhabits […]

NIST Publishes IT Supply Chain Risk Guidance, FBI Explores Wisconsin Payroll Hack and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. NIST publishes IT supply chain risk guidance – Supply Chain Risk management will be a growing concern as we continue to source almost all of our silicon and technology from foreign countries. The NIST document “calls for procurement organizations to establish a coordinated team approach to assess the […]