Questions for Government Leaders To Ask About Your Cybersecurity Posture

Cybersecurity is one of the most high-profile topics for organizations today and one of their biggest sources of risk. Numerous recent incidents such as the OPM Breach have heightened awareness of and sensitivity to this risk, and have made it even more critical that organizations assess their cyber readiness. Cognitio has helped some of the nation’s largest, […]

Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute CERT Insider Threat Program Manager Certification

The Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute is a national treasure. One of the great bastions of the discipline of enterprise grade software engineering. This is the home to the first computer emergency response team (CERT), a group formed with DoD funding to enhance the coordination of computer emergency response teams in the wake of the […]

Everything You Need To Know About DISA’s Joint Information Environment Mission Partner Symposium.

Editor’s note: Use your CTOvision Pro login for this one, it contains content you can use to tailor your offerings to win government business, with a deep dive on DoD technology needs. – bg May 12-14 2014 in Baltimore, the Convention Center was packed with DISA leadership and Industry hopefuls showing their IT wares. This event replaced previous DISA […]

Managing Internal Threats

The number of annual security incidents caused by insider threats continues to increase.  In The CERT Guide to Insider Threats, Capelli et al writes, “Insider threats are an intriguing and complex problem. Some assert that they are the most significant threat faced by organizations today.” Disgruntled system administrators damage data and systems, skilled professionals steal […]

Monday's Internet Blackout, "The Analyzer" Sentenced, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news: The Federal Bureau of Investigation will shut off the temporary servers it set up to help victims of the DNSChanger malware on July 9, leading to hundreds of thousands of Internet blackouts. More here. The hacker behind the 1998 penetration of Department of Defense networks in Operation Solar Sunrise, Ehud Tenenbaum, aka “The […]

The Insider Threat Worst-Case Scenario

Imagine if every single American citizen had his or her personally identifiable information, such as full names and addresses, leaked onto the Internet. This cybersecurity and privacy nightmare might seem implausible, but that’s exactly what happened in Israel, where 9 million records, those of every living citizen and some deceased, were leaked online and eventually […]