One to watch regarding standards and security

In May 2008 I provided an overview of Standards Organizations CTOs Should Track.  Standards groups don’t change that fast, so the list is still pretty much ok, but I was very light on industry consortia.  Industry groups can play a large role in setting and implementing standards.  Industry reps send the majority of thinkers to […]

Day One at Synergy Conference

This post provides a summary of day one of the STRATCOM Synergy conference.  The conference is focused on integrating combat ops/intelligence implications for national intelligence processes.   Conference leader Brigadier General Billy Bingham (USAF, ret) opened the conference by reviewing what was discussed last year’s Synergy conference.  He also laid out the goal for this year’s […]

CIA IT Leaders Are World Class IT Leaders (continued)

CIO magazine continues its reporting on the IT enterprise at CIA and the CIA’s CIO (Al Tarasiuk).  I have little more to add:  My comments from before still stand:  Al is a world class leader and this follow on report just underscores that.  I imagine Al is similar to other great CIOs from industry (folks […]

Microsoft Surface uses Jet to accelerate demand

This is the third of three blog posts on technologies encountered during my visit to Redmond. This one is on Microsoft Surface. (First a note:  although this is about Surface, Microsoft also announced another hot capability called Sphere.  For more on that see the blog of the CTO of Microsoft’s Institute for Advanced Technology in […]

Vision for the Enterprise CTO: Lessons from DNI Vision 2015

This note provides two lessons and a comment for enterprise chief technology officers that comes out of a new vision document from the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). The DNI, Mike McConnell, just released Vision 2015, a vision for a globally networked and integrated intelligence enterprise.   This vision is for far more than just IT, […]

AFCEA, JFCOM, Blogs and Twitter

AFCEA just pulled together another great conference (Joint Warfighting 2008).  They have been real pioneers when it comes to using new Web2.0 technologies during these events, and that really came out during this conference.  For example, some of Signal Magazine’s greatest writers, including Maryann Lawlor, were at the conference blogging the highlights of the key […]