Carahsoft: IT Solutions for Government


This post is part of our series providing background and context on sponsors of Cognitio’s 30 April Synergy Forum. The platinum sponsor of the 30 April Synergy Forum is Carahsoft Technology Corp. We have known and worked with Carahsoft for years, they have become an institution in the federal technology ecosystem, known for being able to […]

Robot Chef Brings Internet of Things Into the Kitchen

Model Release-Not Needed

Who needs to go out for dinner, when you have a tireless master chef waiting at home to prepare a gourmet meal for you, any time, day or night?  That’s the premise behind a new invention from Moley Robotics, a tech company based in London.  Moley unveiled their new “robochef” prototype on April 14, 2015 at […]

The CTOvision Research Library: References for the enterprise technologist


The CTOvision Research Library is a repository of research curated by our analysts to provide enterprise technologists a fast way to reference actionable information relevant to your operational decisions. Our analyst curate the research library into categories of Analytics, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Government, Intelligence, Mobility, and Strategy. The library contains all hard copy research […]

Ventana Research: Big Data Integration Report 2014


Learn how organizations are using big data integration or how they plan to use it as well as an assessment of more general aspects of data integration and technologies that big data requires. Content covers: The importance of data integration for big data analytics Various statistics regarding respondent use of big data integration technologies (ex: […]

Scale and Speed with Cyber Security


“Sometimes quantity has a quality all its own” attributed to Stalin & Clausewitz Operational scale doesn’t get much love or discussion from folks since its boring to talk about: truly large scale things have been simplified and optimized to do a few very specific things extremely well. Things like packet routing, cell phone switching, stock […]

Software Defined Perimeter, Cloud Security Alliance: Coca-Cola Case Study

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On September 30th Sierra Ventures hosted their 9th CIO summit in Palo Alto, CA. One of the many topics coved at the event was software defined perimeter and cloud security alliance. Coca-Cola was used as a case study. Alan Boehme, the acting CISO at Coca-Cola. Ed Steinike, the CIO at Coca-Cola, and Bob Flores, the former […]