CAMBRIC: The Seven Megatrends Creating The Future Of Information Technology

CTOvision has just released our latest white paper projecting the future of seven major trends in information technology. You can remember these seven major IT megatrends by the mnemonic acronym Cambric. Cambric stands for: Cloud Computing Artificial Intelligence Mobility Big Data Robotics Internet of Things CyberSecurity Advances in these seven technologies are closely interrelated. Individually […]

Series on Big Data Integration with Oracle

Previously untapped data sources are now accessible to derive business value, through Big Data projects that promise a flexible and cost-effective data architecture. Integrating the new sources such as: Internet of Things, semi or un-structured data with the traditional structured data, which is typically found in business applications or data warehouses, is the key. Join Oracle […]

SAP HANA: A Fantasy Football Use Case

Every August, hoards of diehard football fans flood the internet in search of information that might provide them with an edge in their upcoming fantasy football drafts. The demand for fantasy sports has been driven by fans’ desire to get more involved with the sport they love and fueled by the availability of vast amounts […]

The Next Step in the Internet of Things: Connecting Your Home

Remember that “futuristic” movie from 1999 called “Smart House?” Think back to when you thought that this house would never be available in your lifetime. Only 16 years after that movie, we may be owning our very own “Smart House.” We expect our phones, tablets, and sometimes even our watches to be connected. The next great […]

White House Tightens Security for Web Access

On Monday, 8 June 2015, Tony Scott, Chief Information Officer for President Obama, issued a memorandum that requires all federal websites and services to switch to HTTPS, a more secure method of connection than plain HTTP, by December 31, 2016.  This change means all traffic is treated as sensitive, rather than leaving it up to web […]

Carahsoft: IT Solutions for Government

This post is part of our series providing background and context on sponsors of Cognitio’s 30 April Synergy Forum. The platinum sponsor of the 30 April Synergy Forum is Carahsoft Technology Corp. We have known and worked with Carahsoft for years, they have become an institution in the federal technology ecosystem, known for being able to […]