What You Need to Know about iOS 9


Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior VP of software engineering, has just demoed the new in OS X and iOS 9 operating systems. Siri got a complete make-over and the search tool, Spotlight, has become a tool that you will actually use. Now you can use Spotlight to search within apps; you can now search for “photos I took […]

The CTOvision Mobile App: Updated to include events plus tech news and videos


An upgrade for The CTOvision Mobile Application is available for iPhone, iPad and Android users. The app began as a way to serve our readers with content from CTOvision and that remains a key capability. But we now include feeds from all other major tech blogs, letting you use our mobile app to track all the technology news, analysis and […]

Threema, the Seriously Secure Messaging Application: Check It Out!


If you’ve ever been worried that the messages you are sending your friends and co-workers via the normal texting applications were not secure enough and you felt unsafe giving out personal information, then Threema might be the application for you to use. What is Threema? Threema is a mobile messaging app that puts security first. […]

WonderCube: Phone Storage and Charger all in One


WonderCube is a 1-inch keyring with multiple functions for your iOS or Android smartphone. This product is currently part of a crowdfunding campaign and promises to function as an emergency charger, a storage solution, an LED light, a stand and more. While the WonderCube packs a whole lot of functionality, its primary focus is keeping […]

Apple’s Ultrathin 12-inch MacBook Announced

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 6.28.02 PM

Apple just announced a new 12-inch MacBook. This is their thinnest laptop ever and includes a Retina Display, a new touch-sensitive trackpad and a new port for data transfer and charging in a single connector. The MacBook uses Intel’s new low-power Core M processor, which provides for longer battery life (up to 9 hours) and a thinner […]

Living Life with your Apple Smartwatch


Finally, after years of anticipation, the Apple Watch has arrived. It was revealed at today’s Apple’s event. What can it do? For one it can tell time (it does so many other things you might actually overlook that point). Since Apple’s goal with this watch is for wearers to stay connected to others and the world […]