iPhone 5S production to start in March? New shots of the BlackBerry QWERTY device and more

Here are the top mobile news and stories of the day. Analyst: Initial iPhone 5S production to begin in March for June/July launch – Jeffries analyst Peter Misek is stating that iPhone 5S will be launched in June/July. This is due to lower than expected iPhone 5 sales and demand. The 5S might ship with […]

Ryan's Tech Predictions on consumer IT and mobility for 2013

With this post we dive deeper into technology trends associated with consumer IT, especially mobility in 2013. These flow from our earlier overview of the seven shapers of technology in 2013, but have a bit more fidelity. We offer some predictions on how we see  the mobile and technology world over the next year. These […]

Why I'm Buying an iPad Mini

As an avid Android user, I have not bought any Apple products for personal use since an iPod 3rd Generation went belly up on me almost 5 years ago. The battery or some other internal mechanism went, and I have never looked back (well more than once or twice). I thought the iPod was okay, […]

New Titanium Backup, iPad Mini 2 on its way, and more

Here are the top mobile news and stories of the day. New Titanium Backup Update Makes Flashing ROMs Even Easier, Restore Apps and Data With Flashable Zips – it’s a lot of words in one sentence, but the gist is that now you can flash all of your apps and data from a custom recovery so […]

So which iPad is right for you? A look at Apple's recent event

In the wake of Apple’s most recent event, users are now forced to choose between a host of highly (and not so highly) differentiated tablets. The new iPad Mini is a 7.9″ tablet with offerings from 16GB Wi-Fi to 64GB Wi-Fi + 4G LTE. The iPad 4 was released with a mildly updated processor, the […]

New iDevices, Apple Patent Preliminarily Invalidated and more

Here are today’s top mobile news and stories. The Apple event today announced the iPad Mini, a surprise iPad 4, and more – Today’s event has been on the horizon for a while, but most poeple just thought we were going to get the much anticipated iPad Mini. Apple did deliver the Mini, but they tossed […]