Navy Data Center Consolidation (DCC) Ashore

I recently heard the update given to the Gulf Coast Government Contractors Association (GCGCA) on 12 DEC about how the Navy plans to consolidate their data centers. I think this is important work and have been following the progress for several years. A quick look back in history helps explain why the situation has become […]

Enterprise CIO Forum Update

This post is sponsored the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. The Enterprise CIO Forum (ECF) is a community for CIOs, CTOs and IT leaders in large enterprises. It is a venue for discussing ways to leverage technology to drive mission focused outcomes and the many related factors associated with improved IT support to enterprise success. The content of […]

Apptio: Technology Business Management Software

Apptio seeks to help CIOs explain IT cost. To see how check out the video at this link and embedded below: Apptio’s On-Demand Technology Business Management Software Apptio’s on-demand Technology Business Management (TBM) software is a comprehensive solution that enables IT executives to run IT like a business. It provides best-of-breed applications as part of […]

Kevin Jackson: Great leader/technologist/mentor, rises at NJVC

I read with pleasure the press release below since it highlights a friend and professional associate I have long admired for both Cloud Computing and national security technology expertise, Kevin Jackson. Congrats Kevin on this new promotion. I know this likely means more work for you, but it must also be a great chance to continue […]

NMCI and VMware Infrastructure

The Navy Marine Corps Intranet is the largest individual network in the world. The only larger network is the Internet. This huge network sprawl requires a great deal of strategy, concern and planning. Over 700,000 users rely on the intranet to receive IT services. This is a huge network, and the NMCI cannot afford to […]

Hybrid IT Service Delivery

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Today’s users expect IT services and response to be immediate, interactive, connected and fluid.  Delivering technology-enabled services is more important than ever and the most successful enterprises don’t just respond to this, they embrace it. Cloud computing promises the agility enterprises need.  It helps deliver […]