JackBe: Bringing all the information together for operational intelligence

My formative years (career-wise) were spent doing something in the US Navy called OPINTEL for “Operational Intelligence.”  It is a type of intelligence that had its roots in the anti-submarine warfare missions of World War II’s Battle of the Atlantic, where all sources of information had to be brought together to form assessments of very […]

JackBe and Terracotta Collaborate to Accelerate Value from Big Data

BigMemory and Presto Speed Visualizations and Real-Time Big Data Analytics for Businesses Chevy Chase, MD and San Francisco, CA – January 31, 2013 – To address the growing demand for real-time Big Data analytics, Terracotta and JackBe today announced plans to leverage their complementary technologies for real-time Big Data solutions. By using the real-time data visualizations for analytics from Presto, along with […]

FUD on Enterprise Mashups

Information Week just published a piece on Mashups.  They picked a really in-your-face title for this cover story, labeling it “Half-Baked or Mashed: Is Mixing Enterprise IT And The Internet A Recipe For Disaster?”  I guess in the world of tech reporting you need to use a little fear to get people to pick your […]

Integrating Web 2.0 into existing IT infrastructures

James Connolly just wrote a nice piece on the challenges and rewards of Web 2.0 integration (see “Web 2.0 Integration…” ).    James interviewed me for the piece and I found him to not only be very professional but to have a really good knowledge of these new technologies.   He was also skilled at asking […]