Are Netbooks the Solution for You and Your Firm?

Looking for a new mobile solution for your firm’s IT needs? Do not fear, Netbooks are here, and they are more than capable.

Pro OpenSolaris: A personal favorite I recommend to all

[amtap book:isbn=1430218916] For a combination of personal and professional reasons, Pro OpenSolaris is the perfect book at the perfect time for this period in my life. As a CTO with enterprise-grade experience I know Open Source Software and its many benefits.  And as a security professional I have long known of the powerful security features […]

Open Source Software: More reasons it is more secure

Software designed by open source standards has security built in and has been found to be fielded with far fewer faults per unit of code than proprietary development houses.  There are many reasons for this.  This factor is especially true when the open source code is commercially supported.  For example, Linux, which has the strength […]

Recommendation for all enterprise techies: Download Win7 now

Windows 7 is really different.  It has more functionality, a better interface, and, if you keep it configured/managed, much better security than previous Microsoft operating systems. Here is another fact about Windows 7:  It is coming to your enterprise, sooner or later. And, since its functionality/features/security are an improvement over XP and older systems and […]

Linux in minutes: What is it and What it Can Do

What is Linux?

Linux (pronounced “Line-ooks”) is a computer Operating System kernel developed by Linus Torvalds. Most of the software libraries, utilities, and development tools that make the operating system robust and usable were developed by GNU.

Why is it free?

The entire operating system is free because it is released under free software licences and is “open source” meaning that anyone is able to look at and modify the kernel. The GNU software that runs on top of it is also free and open-source as well, and most of it is availible for modification and distribution. This is one of the reasons why there are so many versions (also called flavors) of Linux. Two of the most popular flavors are Ubuntu (a popular desktop Linux flavor), and Fedora (popular on servers and Desktops).

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Linux in Minutes : Running Your Windows Applications in Linux

Every time someone mentions switching to Linux at home or using it at work, I eventually get asked “But what about my <insert windows application here>.  Will it work on Linux too?” Short answer: No. Long Answer: Depends. A fair amount of the software that users are familiar with — like Microsoft Office — have […]