Cumulus Networks: Linux operating system for networking hardware

Cumulus Networks is bringing the Linux revolution to the network. Founded by veteran networking engineers from Cisco, VMware and Google, Cumulus Networks makes the first Linux operating system for networking hardware and fills a critical gap in realizing the true promise of the software-defined datacenter. For an overview see the video at this link and […]

Sentient Technologies launches

Sentient introduces scalable, instantaneous lending solutions that improve financial outcomes and accelerate origination workflow. Our Sentient Predictive Lending Platform makes everything you do easier, faster and more effective. Transform data into insights with an edge, the kind that come from structured, objective modeling and high-performance computing. Validate predictive solutions that support your most important investment […]

Four Attributes of Openness in Modern Communications

Openness is one of the most-cited advantages of cloud-based applications, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).  In this context, what does open really mean?  I posit that there are four key attributes that define openness in this context: documented, standardized, open sourced and inclusive. Any claims of openness by suppliers should be evaluated […]

Choosing Your First Programming Language

Many new programmers struggle when it comes to selecting their first language to learn.  Which is easiest, the most professionally useful, the most newbie-friendly?  Lets find out by showing you a range of options, their strengths and weaknesses, and some information about the most common programming languages in demand today.  At the end, we’ll make […]

Deep Insights Into The Future of #Hadoop By @Cutting of @Cloudera

Cloudera’s Doug Cutting delivered a presentation at Hadoop World that outlined key forces driving the data world forward which shed some important insights on where enterprise technology is going. This presentation is summarized and embedded below: Doug starts with a review of his models for predicting the future and this is important, since every model […]

Maltego: An open source intelligence and cyber forensics application

Maltego is growing in popularity as an analytical tool because of its functionality and open source model. Maltego supports many mission areas, but has especially caught on among cyber analysts. They are supported by the company Paterva. For an overview of capabilities see the video at this link and embedded below: From their website: What is […]