Apple’s Ultrathin 12-inch MacBook Announced

Apple just announced a new 12-inch MacBook. This is their thinnest laptop ever and includes a Retina Display, a new touch-sensitive trackpad and a new port for data transfer and charging in a single connector. The MacBook uses Intel’s new low-power Core M processor, which provides for longer battery life (up to 9 hours) and a thinner […]

A look at Google and Apple's most recent numbers

The recent quarterly financials from both Google and Apple are stunning. Google has revenues of $14.42B in this quarter, while Apple had revenues of $54.5B. Google returned earnings per share of $8.62 and $13.81 for Apple. Apple’s numbers did fall short of Wall Street’s expectations; however, they exceeded their own. Google’s showing 36 percent in […]

Social Media and Extremism: Sideshow or Center Stage?

On Twitter, Mike Olson of Cloudera asked me and Alex Olesker what we thought about the use of social media in the latest dustup between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. He linked me to an article taking a broader look at the role of social media in terrorism and extremism. The following is some thoughts […]

Oculis Labs Releases Private Eye Version 3.3

Yesterday I had a conversation with a senior sales rep by the name of Dan Adams from Oculis Labs, a Carahsoft partner.  He was showing me a demonstration of the latest update of their software Private Eye Version 3.3.  I was interested in this because I blogged about Private Eye over the summer after watching […]