Generative Adversary Networks: A very exciting development in Artificial Intelligence

For years there has been a growing concern that many forms of machine learning are actually easier to deceive than they should be (and there is good reason to be concerned, for background on why see the paper recommended to me by my friend Lewis Shepherd: “Deep Neural Networks are Easily Fooled”). Many of us have […]

Does AI Make Self-Driving Cars Less Safe?

Recently, most industries are facing a significant change due to the improvement in technology. The automotive sector is one of the industries that are defined by the normal technological development. Various automotive companies have been working to release self-driving vehicles. The self-driving vehicles use the machine learning technology to substitute the human driver. The self-driving […]

Seven Trends and Predictions for 2017

Seven Trends and Predictions for 2017 In billiards, you must call your shot ahead of time. You don’t get any points for luck. With that in mind, here are my on-the-record predictions for 2017. Trend #1 – Self Driving Cars Self-driving cars, previously existing only in the world of science fiction, are becoming a reality. […]

Overview of how Apache Spark fits in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem

For years, enterprise technologists have studied both Apache Hadoop and the many tools in that framework and the rise of Apache Spark. In the early days of Spark it was viewed as a bit of a competitor to the rest of the framework. But now thanks to the contributions of a wide team of open […]

CTOvision Partners with 13-16 March 2017 Strata + Hadoop World San Jose: Save 20% Off Registration

Once again, thanks to O’Reilly Media, we are able to offer a discount for all CTOvision readers who can attend the San Jose Strata Hadoop World. This is the biggest Big Data event of the year. Strata + Hadoop World is a rich learning experience at the intersection of data science and business. Thousands of […]

What Big Data is Doing for Shipping on a Global Scale

While the shipping industry moves along daily without much consideration from the general public, the truth is that it is the lifeline of the global economy. If shipping were to be interrupted for any significant period of time, it would literally devastate the global economy. The quality and performance of shipping companies are driven by […]