Oracle’s Big Data Integration Now Certified on Hortonworks HDP 2.2

In late 2014, Hortonworks and Oracle teamed up to provide comprehensive data integration capabilities and technologies. Together, they deliver on the promise of big data for customers of all sizes and scale. Oracle and Hortonworks are continuing to work together to bring the latest ETL and real-time transactional data streaming capabilities to the Hortonworks Data […]

Hortonworks adds Spark to its Data Platform

Those familiar with the Apache Hadoop ecosystem are no doubt aware of Apache Spark and the potential it holds to transform data intensive analytics. Spark’s ties to Hadoop are tight and it is often seen as a possible replacement to the batch-oriented MapReduce framework, though its integration potential reaches beyond Hadoop to other data repositories […]

21 May Webinar Examines Architectural Best Practices For SAS and Apache Hadoop

on 21 May at 1pm, CTOvision publisher Bob Gourley will host a webinar with SAS engineers in an overview of architectural best practices for SAS and Hadoop. This webinar will examine lessons learned, best practices and concepts of operation designed to help you make the most of your data. For more information and to sign […]

SAS and Apache Hadoop for Government

New in the CTOvision Research Library: We have just posted an overview of an architectural assessment we produced laying out best practices and design patterns for the use of SAS and Apache Hadoop, with a focus on the government sector. Download this overview at: SAS and Apache Hadoop for Government Here is more: Enterprises in […]

Security for Big Data Designs: Examining best practices with security architect Eddie Garcia

On Tuesday, January 27, 2015 CTOvision publisher and Cognitio Corp co-founder Bob Gourley hosted an event for federal big data professionals. The breakfast event focused on security for big data designs and featured the highly regarded security architect Eddie Garcia. Eddie Garcia is chief security architect at Cloudera, a leader in enterprise analytic data management. Eddie helps Cloudera […]

Pivotal CEO Hints At Big Shift In Their Hadoop Offerings

VentureBeat and GigaOm are both reporting that Pivotal will be announcing some big shifts in their Hadoop and other related offerings (recall that Pivotal is the firm spun off from EMC and VMware and has GE as a major investor). VentureBeat first announced that Pivotal will be ditching its Hadoop distribution and pulling out of the […]