A Users Guide To CTOvision Pro

CTOvision Pro is a subscription based research and analysis service that provides more in depth research, analysis and reporting than our main CTOvision site does. If you have not given it a try yet, try it free for seven days by Signing Up Here. With this post we provide tips on how to make the most of […]

Announcing CTOvision Pro: Our Subscription Based Research and Analysis Service

With this post I am excited to announce the merger of two of our sites into one. CTOlabs.com is being merged into CTOvision.com.  These two sites grew up for different purposes but have have now grown together to the point where merging them makes sense. This step will help us focus providing the most relevant […]

Terracotta CEO Predicts Big Data Trends for 2013

Big Data has been a hot topic throughout 2012. With 2013 fast approaching, we sat down with Terracotta CEO Robin Gilthorpe to get his predictions for the top trends that will drive Big Data activity in the coming year. His top five predictions, explained in detail in this video, are: Big Data has to be […]

NetBase: Social Media Insight & Analysis

Before social media, enterprises crafted their corporate messaging from the inside out—the typical B2C or B2B models. But today, no matter what kind of business you are in, your customers are engaging in social media. More than two-thirds of the world’s Internet users are going online to exchange their views on a wide range of […]