Fed Tech Roundup December 9

The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (fromFedTechTicker.com and TopTechTicker.com):  Fed Tech Ticker New technology making drones easier, more affordable – The Boston Globe Reported bitcoin ‘founder’ Craig Wright’s home raided by Australian police – The Guardian Continuing resolution may be needed to buy time for appropriations work – FCW.com Navy […]

Seamless Sharing of Information Amongst Enclaves

Everyone lives in their own world, surrounded by familiar systems and processes.  That is their enclave.  Groups of people and systems work in concert with each other using some agreed language and standards to form another level of enclave.  Organizations have their span of operations that form enclaves of enclaves.  Organizations work with other organizations […]

The Navy’s New Innovation Cell: Designed to enhance the speed to mission

The Navy knows it is falling behind in innovation. Constrained by a mountain of acquisition regulations, it has a hard time reaching across the Industry/Government divide to learn the “art of the possible”. CTOvision Pro readers can review our update on how the Navy intends on enhancing innovation at this link: The Navy’s New Innovation Cell

DoD Cyber Force Organization: Like the Paul Simon Song, Still Crazy After All These Years

DoD continues to struggle to put their Cyber Force organization and governance in place. Paul Simon nailed it! Still Crazy… after all these years…. Chris Scott provides insights into recent changes and what it is really like in DoD Cyber in this special post for CTOvision Subscribers. Read more here: DoD Cyber Force Organization: Like […]

Context on Forced Joint Unity and DoD and Impact on Military C2 Constructs

Today we don’t fight solo – we fight as Coalitions.  Unilateral US military actions are rare, and getting rarer. As US DoD budgets continue to shrink, we encourage our coalition partners to pick up the slack. That may help but only so much. This past summer we saw an outstanding example of Maritime Partnerships. RIMPAC […]