Powerbag: one accessory we all need

I recently picked up a Powerbag. For those not familiar with this device, a Powerbag is a pretty normal looking case, but with a plus, a battery pack with integrated circuitry hidden inside. I grabbed the Powerbag Business Class Case (my case has the larger 6000 mAh battery, unlike this version), which offers a zip out […]

Did Amazon knock one out of the park with the Kindle Fire HDX?

Last week, Jeff Bezos and Amazon released their updated Kindle Fire HD. I have been waiting to see how Amazon would react to the new Google/Asus Nexus 7 (which was quite a hit), but was honestly quite surprised with the quality of the product that Amazon has released. Coupled with their Fire OS 3.0 (based […]

The Nexus 7, the best piece of technology I’ve ever held

A friend of mine keeps telling me he’s “tired and disappointed” with new phones and tablets. He kept seeing more and more of the same. Well, I’m here to tell you that the Nexus 7 FHD (or 2013…stupid naming systems) is different, and is here to change your opinion on tablets. The most recent Google […]

Some thoughts on this week’s Google Nexus event

On Wednesday AM Sundar Pinchai, VP of Android and Chrome at Google, held a “breakfast event” in which he detailed the new Nexus 7 tablet, the Chromecast, Android 4.3, and some other details. The galvanizing release were details on the new Nexus 7, to be sold June 30, but the most important piece (in my […]

How I got 4G LTE on my Nexus 4 (on T-Mobile's Network)

The Nexus 4 shipped with an oddity – a 4G LTE modem that wasn’t quite turned on. Many people have done this in the past, but I wanted to give a quick and dirty rundown of how I did it. I’m routinely getting over 20Mbps in DC, and will do further testing. Do not try this […]

iTunes has new challengers, Apple is looking to make Siri better and more

Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player take on iTunes Match. Who wins? The mobile music scene is not going to be easy to sort. We have solutions such as Spotify and Rdio, but iTunes is always the incumbent, while Amazon and Google are attempting to compete. Cloud storage makes sense, but what is the answer? Via […]