VoltDB for faster, scalable relational databases

VoltDB is a blazingly fast relational database system. It is specifically designed for modern software applications that are pushed beyond their limits by high velocity data sources. This new generation of systems – real-time feeds, machine-generated data, micro-transactions, high performance content serving – requires database throughput that can reach millions of operations per second. What’s […]

MongoDB (10gen): Offers production support, training, and consulting for MongoDB

MongoDB (once named 10gen) provides a comprehensive range of services to enable you to get the most out of commercial-grade deployments of MongoDB. They develop MongoDB, and offers production support, training, and consulting for the open source database. MongoDB was founded by former DoubleClick Founder and CTO Dwight Merriman and former DoubleClick engineer and ShopWiki […]

IKANOW: Delivering the Power to Act

For an intro to IKANOW see the video: Here is more from their website: At IKANOW, we have created an environment that supports Open Analytics, a new process for enabling and deploying rapid innovation in the analytic market space. We start by providing a culture that supports the concept and by providing tools and techniques […]

Couchbase: The NoSQL Database Leader

Couchbase is the NoSQL database market share leader, with production deployments at AOL,Deutsche Post, NTT Docomo, Salesforce.com, Starbucks, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Vimeo, Zynga, and hundreds of other global enterprises. Couchbase Server, our NoSQL database offering, delivers a more scalable, high-performance and cost-effective approach to data management than relational database technology. It is particularly well suited […]

DataStax: Solutions for Apache Cassandra

DataStax delivers Apache Cassandra to the enterprise and powers online applications for 400+ customers and more than 20 of the Fortune 100. DataStax Enterprise is tailor made to manage Big Data. DataStax Enterprise’s built-for-scale architecture – based on Apache Cassandra – enables it to handle huge volumes of all types of data in a rapid […]

Identity and Reputation in the Age of Big Data

Editor’s note: The following was written by Kord Davis from a post originally at KordIndex. Kord is the author of a forthcoming book on Ethics of Big Data.  – bg The Hypothes.is Reputation Workshop is exploring some great topics on how identity and reputation are being influenced by big data. Identity and reputation are two of […]