Day Three of the Synergy Conference

This is the third and final post on some observations from the 2008 Synergy conference (co-hosted by Stratcom). The day opened up with a great update on operational intelligence in the modern age, with Mr. John J Powers of the Defense Intelligence Operations Coordination Center (DIOCC) providing a first hand look at the DIOCC, its […]

My Opinion: NYT wants cyber security to be a divisive issue.

I just read an article that seems designed to keep spreading FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) about the US government and the NSA.   The article is titled “Control of Cybersecurity Becomes Divisive Issue “.  It starts with an assertion stated as if it were a fact that says “The National Security Agency has been campaigning to […]

New Command to Focus on Cybersecurity for DoD and IC

The Wall Street Journal just ran an article titled:  “New Military Command to Focus on Cybersecurity.”   In it they indicate “current and former officials familiar with the plans” say a new military command will be established to coordinate the defense of Pentagon computer networks and improve US offensive capabilities in cyberwar. WSJ also reports […]

The Cyber Defense Perimeter: Good report by Shane Harris

There is so much FUD on cyber security issues these days, it is actually rare to read a well grounded, well researched article on the topic.  If you would like to see one that I think captures the situation please see Shane Harris’s just written National Journal Magazine article titled “The Cyber Defense Perimeter.”  His […]

Geospatial TTPs Contribute To Cyber Security

Editor note: Jim Youker of BAE Systems first published this piece in the Geospatial Intelligence Forum, it it is being republished here with the author’s permission. Executive Summary The Geospatial tradecraft has benefited from the development of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) that have played a major role in combating terrorism in the 21st century. […]

Federal Cyber Security: Missions, Initiatives, Opportunities and Risks

Are you striving to know more about federal approaches to cyber security?  In what looks to be one of the best conferences on this topic for 2011, the American Institute of Engineers (AIE) and the Technology Training Corporation (TTC) are presenting  Cyber Security: Missions, Initiatives, Opportunities and Risks in Washington DC from 16-18 March 2011. […]