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  • A CTO’s Perspective on Finding, Evaluating and Mitigating Technology Debt during Due Diligence Assessments

    In this presentation, OODA CTO Bob Gourley provides insights on technology debt in due diligence based on a career spent evaluating the business impact of technology. The information presented here can be of use to firms on the buy-side or sell-side of a due diligence. Buy-Side: The Private Equity Firm or Strategic Acquirer who needs […] More

  • Change In Focus of CTOvision Reporting

    Since launching OODA LLC in January 2019 we have continued to refine the content here at CTOvision to focus on the niche of enterprise technologists seeking insights into how to make the most of disruptive technologies. Over the last two years we have also been refining and focusing the content at Our most recent shift […] More

  • OODAloop Network Benefit: Direct participation with other members in monthly research meetings

    OODA Network members are invited to participate in a monthly video meetings to discuss items of common concern to our membership. These highly collaborative sessions are great ways for our members to meet and interact with each other while talking about items of common interest. We also use these sessions to help better focus our […] More

  • Event Examines A Security Perspective Post-COVID-19

    I look forward to discussing the topic of the continuing complex dynamics around cybersecurity in this 11 November online panel hosted by ISRM and TinyG. Please join us and help us learn from the situation we are all facing together. Our discussion topic will discuss that as a result of COVID 19, the threats we […] More

  • OODA Research Report: Deception in Cyber

    OODA has just published a new research report titled Deception in Cyber. Purchase The Deception In Cyber Report This report looks at the deception technology market including market leaders, use cases for deployment, as well as selection criteria for picking solutions most relevant for your environment. Enterprise decision-makers should read prior to selecting a deception […] More

  • Accelerate Your Career and Give Your Company Competitive Advantage with OODA Special Reports

    OODA Network Member Resources Resources listed here are available to OODA Network Members. For information on becoming a member please visit our Join OODA Loop page. For more on the benefits of your Membership see the OODA Members’ Guide COVID-19 Sensemaking We bring together all our special reports and daily intelligence as well as pointers to […] More

  • Lessons Learned From a Career of Technology Due Diligence

    In technology due diligence, there really is no substitute for experience. I’ve spent a career evaluating the business impact of technology and building strategies that optimize the contribution technology makes to enterprise missions. In my first career as a naval intelligence officer I was frequently called upon to find ways to leverage technology to enable […] More

  • OODA Launches New On Demand Video Series Aimed At Executive Development

    The latest OODA Network member benefit is a video on demand series that provides expert context from our analysts. Current titles in our on demand video library include: A Practitioner’s View of the Cyber Threat: Insights you can use to steer appropriate action When AI Goes Wrong: A presentation that will help you understand how to make the most […] More

  • OODACast: On demand video and audio of interviews with thought leaders from the OODA community

    We just published the 23rd episode of the OODAcast, our series of interviews with thought leaders from the OODA community. The OODAcast is available to watch on YouTube or at our OODAloop site.  Audio is available as a podcast on any major podcasting platform (Subscribe or listen online at . Recent OODAcast episodes include: […] More

  • An Interview with Carmen Medina

    The latest OODAcast features someone we have long looked up to, Carmen Medina. She is a great leader and successful senior executive who rose to the highest levels of the intelligence community. Her career was focused on analysis and included leadership of all CIA analytical activities as the deputy director for intelligence. We talk to […] More

  • A Conversation With Quantum Security Practitioner Jane Melia

    In this OODAcast, OODA CTO Bob Gourley was joined by Dr. Jane Melia of QuintessenceLabs to dive deep into topics of Quantum Computing, Quantum Security and best practices for ensuring your data remains safe even after quantum computers can break current asymmetric encryption methods. Dr. Melia is a practitioner who has spent years helping create […] More

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