National Security News We Should All Track: Hagel Vows to Restore Confidence in Nuclear Mission

A day after ordering an independent review of the military’s nuclear force amid allegations of cheating on proficiency exams by Air Force officers overseeing the nation’s ballistic nuclear missiles, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel vowed to restore confidence in the Air Force’s nuclear mission. from American Forces Press Service News Feed Hagel Vows to Restore Confidence […]

The Industry Partners of DoD Need Info On Future Requirements, but the Silence is Deafening

The plethora of “shutdown” stories is sometimes overwhelming. Since my peer group is mostly DoD workers, the impact has been pervasive. Those hardest hit seem to be the Industry workers who found themselves in suddenly unfunded support functions. Over the past ten years, DoD has increasingly turned to Industry to fill critical government functions under […]

CNBC Features CTOvision’s Bob Gourley On Advanced Cyber Threat Reporting

CNBC’s Scott Cohn produced a segment focused on US Military cyber security which aired 11 October 2013 we believe will be of broad interest to our readers. This segment, embedded below, focused on the increasing risk DoD networks face due to the government shutdown, but also provided a review of what CNBC assesses are the […]

CTOvision Podcast: Arthur Herman, John Scott, DIA, Pentagon

In this podcast we offer assessments on two coming events of high interest, the 7 March Government Big Data Forum and the 8-10 April DIA Worldwide Mission Conference. We also offer context on these stories:  Important Observations on Pentagon IT from Arthur Herman and John Scott and Joint Information Environment – Increment II? This could soon be the […]

Important Observations on Pentagon IT from Arthur Herman and John Scott

Today’s Wall Street Journal carries an opinion piece by Arthur Herman and John Scott on the state of IT procurement in the Pentagon. I’m glad they selected WSJ for this piece, since changing the Pentagon system requires awareness and action by a broad range of actors, not just those on the inside or around the […]

January Cyber War and Cyber Conflict Link Roundup

Wow, what a month. Two big stories to note: USCC is seeking to grow over 5x to 4900 people, and the NYTimes (and WSJ it seems) have been hacked, purportedly by the Chinese over their China coverage. In other news, a new discovery of the ‘Red October’ campaign filled the headlines, although by now these […]