This is the End: Windows XP

We knew this day would come – when Windows XP, the twelve-year-old operating system for Windows, stops receiving technical support from Microsoft. While the transition does not mark the death of Windows XP necessarily, as you can still choose to use whatever operating system you want, it does mean that Microsoft will no longer provide […]

zSpace: Immersive Exploration For Collaboration, Design, Training and Education

With this post we are initiating coverage of zSpace, an incredible capability delivering new ways to collaborate, learn, design and create through immersive exploration. We see great potential for this firm in enterprise IT including workforce training and education, product marketing/sales, product design and executive level decision support. An overview of zSpace is available in the […]

Thanks In Large Part to Windows8, PC Shipments Post Steepest Decline In History, Worse Than All Estimates

All technology trackers have known the PC era is over. Of course old fashioned PCs will not disappear, but they are not the driving force they used to be. All projections have been for poor PC sales. But there was hope that with a great new operating system from Microsoft (Widows8) maybe the decline would […]

SSD Comes to the Cloud

We’re now entering a world where cloud-managed big data is not just a topic of conversation in tech circles but a necessity for companies and service providers alike. Shifting data needs drive technological innovation. The truth is that as data gets bigger, older technology isn’t able to keep up with data production and storage. With […]

Organizations using web crawlers, DARPA will no longer support CFT, VMware's Horizon Mirage 4.0

More Cyber News we are tracking: Several organizations around the country have been collecting and selling PII, DARPA will no longer support CFT, VMware’s Horizon Mirage 4.0, and more Who’s keeping track of Who? After reading this article it made me reconsider how I shop or pay bills online.  Several organizations around the country have […]

Ubuntu Phone Coming to the Developing World

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, revealed his plan to release a version of Ubuntu software for smartphones. Shuttleworth aims to target developing countries and believes Ubuntu will have an easy transition into these markets due to the software’s brand recognition in these countries. Ubuntu’s potential in markets like China and India is difficult to […]