7 Reasons why the Desktop isn't Dead.

Recently I read a blog from the BITS (Business Innovation Technology Society) blog of the NYTimes entitled “The Desktop: It’s Alive!” I found this to be a very good read, both informative and thought provoking.  Now I am not sure it is fully alive, but rather in a zombie-esque state.  I say zombie because the […]

Mounting a vigorous defense in depth

I know some guys who are really good at external validation of enterprise security posture. There are some folks so good that nothing will totally stop them. The history of computer science makes me think world-class-best folks like that will always be with us and there will never be a system that is perfectly defendable. […]

A look at some of Windows 7's Security Measures

Much has been made of Microsoft Windows 7; however, not enough has been written on their successes in the area of computer security.  This post hits that topic. A rule of thumb among Microsoft watchers is that every other operating system will be a smash hit. Vista was, well, not so hot.  Windows 7, however, […]

Some Thoughts on the Iranian Cyber Army and what they mean to Cyber

Projections this week state that the Iranian Cyber Army has a botnet of over 400k machines.  They apparently plan to offer rental of these “assets” to interested parties. The ICA maintains that this is not “retribution” for the Stuxnet attacks on Irani Nuclear facilities, but rather a money making opportunity. One of the discussions/debates featured […]

IronClad Security for the Enterprise

Ray Ozzie, writing at his blog Ozzie.net, captured the essence of a vision, saying “We’re moving toward a world of 1) cloud-based continuous services that connect us all and do our bidding, and 2) appliance-like connected devicesenabling us to interact with those cloud-based services.”  His succinct statement captured an end state we are all moving towards.  One of the things […]

Hardware Really Matters for Computer Functionality and Security

It may be stating the obvious to say that the hardware you use has a direct impact on the functionality of your IT. That is so fundamental of a statement it really goes without saying. But for some reason decision-makers gloss over the importance of hardware to security design. Why? The hardware you pick has a […]