Are You Agile Enough for Polyglot Programming?

In Europe many people are polyglots—people who speak multiple languages. In America? Not so much. One day I was reviewing a resume of a job candidate that said he was fluent in six languages. When he came in for his interview, I asked what languages he spoke. “Speak?” he said, no way, I program in […]

Let the battle begin!

For this year’s Web & PHP Conference in San Jose, Sep 16-18, we want YOU to get involved and have your say in the program. We’ve reserved six places in the schedule to be picked by the community, decided by an online vote. Each week, we’ll be putting up a group of four abstracts and […]

New Web & PHP Conference 17-18 Sep 2013 in San Jose California

There’s a new event in town and it’s designed with you in mind! Come and hear about latest the technologies and methods out there; discuss your own project developments and find new solutions; get together with developers and trade great ideas at the FREE Web & PHP Conference. Whether your interest lies in core PHP, […]

Jelastic PHP and Java PaaS

Jelastic is a Java and PHP cloud hosting platform. It automatically scales Java and PHP applications and allocates server resources, thus delivering true next generation Java and PHP cloud computing. It offers multiple advantages including ease of use, compatibility with any Java application, automated vertical scalability, and wide support for a variety of popular application […]

Skynet botnet operating on Tor Network, DDoS attacks are coming from data center facilities and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Tor network used to command Skynet botnet – Researchers have identified that the Skynet botnet used to commit DDoS attacks was operating on the Tor network. The C&C servers are only accessible from withing the Tor network. Tor uses a hidden service protocol to protect […]

CTO Security Weekly

Notcompatible Android Security Buzz: This week a new malware package for Android managed to spark the internet intrest in the security of the Android mobile computing platform.  The new malware, dubbed “Notcompatible” is limited in scope and vector — it is installed via user interaction and can only be installed on those phones which the […]