CTOvision Podcast: CTO, Big Data, Google, iTunes

The CTOvision Podcast recaps hot tech trends in enterprise technology. In this podcast we review US Army research into use of Electromagnetic Spectrum to jump into IT systems. Key Department of Commerce IT needs and a coming IT procurement are also reviewed. Google’s move into new authentication methods. Malware is also discussed, including Shylok. CTOvision […]

CTOvision Podcast: OMB, DHS, USN, Data Encryption

In this podcast, Bob and Ryan discuss some of the recent government and cyber news. OMB releases IT accessibility guidance German Activists Punch Out Big Brother’s Eyes Weatherford Outlines DHS Cybersecurity Goals DOE to invest $9 million in solar big data projects Navy delays NGEN decision to May US looks hard at China over cyber-espionage […]

CTOvision Podcast: Big data, blackberry, RIM

In today’s Podcast, I discuss BlackBerry 10, RIM’s name change and the Z10 and Q10 BlackBerry smartphones. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. CTOvision Podcasts are available in iTunes and via our RSS feeds for listening in your favorite device. Please subscribe for content while on the go.

Announcing the CTOvision Podcast Series

CTOvision.com, a blog focused on the needs of enterprise decision-makers, provides technology context and assessments via newsletters, blog posts, white papers and social media feeds. With this post we are announcing our latest offering, a podcast series which captures content you can listen to on the go.   One of the great things about a […]

CTOvision Podcast: Arthur Herman, John Scott, DIA, Pentagon

In this podcast we offer assessments on two coming events of high interest, the 7 March Government Big Data Forum and the 8-10 April DIA Worldwide Mission Conference. We also offer context on these stories:  Important Observations on Pentagon IT from Arthur Herman and John Scott and Joint Information Environment – Increment II? This could soon be the […]

CTOvision Podcast: Chinese espionage and what we should do about it

In this podcast we provide an update on the recent Chinese espionage stories including discussion of Mandiant’s recent reports, and we talk about Jason Healey’s well articulated opinions on what should be done about the threat.  We also provide other context on the technology news and analysis you will want to track. We also announce a new […]