The National Defense Week Podcast by Francis Rose

Francis Rose is the widely known, highly regarded federal government expert, TV and radio host. His Sunday morning show, National Defense Week, is available as a podcast, which makes it so easy for the many commuters in DC to capture the show on demand. National Defense Week delivers the latest news and expert analysis in the […]

Subscribe to the a16z Podcast to track the megatrends driving us all forward

My favorite podcast, by far, is the a16z Podcast.  Every edition provides interesting insights on topics technologists and forward thinking executives should track. The topic I just listed to featured Fei-Fei Li, associate professor at Stanford University, along with the brilliant star of tech trend context Sonal Chokshi and the famous a16z partner Frank Chen. The topic was “When […]

An interview with Linda Cureton

In this podcast I interviewed Linda Cureton, CEO and Founder of Muse Technologies. Linda was formerly the CIO of NASA, and an accomplished author. Muse Technologies offers consulting services, strategy development and program development. As the CIO of NASA, Linda was key in implementing numerous advancements, including one of the largest clouds available to federal […]

Update Your Distribution Options

With this note we provide some administrative reminders and information on how you can make the best use of the Technology Discovery Platform. We also provide links that will let you add or remove yourself from our e-mail newsletters. CTOvision provides up to date insights which can help ensure your technology strategy, procurements, plans […]

CTOvision Podcast, an interview with Alicia Saia of MarkLogic

In this podcast I interviewed Alicia Saia, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing, Public Sector at MarkLogic. Alicia and I talked a lot about how MarkLogic is helping to change the way people look at data, how it integrates with their current generation and legacy systems, and how MarkLogic is helping agencies and corporations do business better. […]

CTOvision Podcast: Cyber roundup for the CIO, CTO, CISO

In this podcast I examine some of the top cyber stories of the past week.There are many Apache websites unsecured, data breaches continue to cost the US more than any other nation and more. As well we delve into HHS’s new Datapalooza initiatives and some neat Android sensors developed by DARPA. Track issues of high […]