Well Engineered use of AWS by Recovery and Transparency Board (RATB)

After speaking with Shawn Kingsberry in preparations for our 4 April Government Big Data Forum I realized their use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) may be of very high interest to our readers and went about looking for more info online to see what was publicly available. I was ecstatic to see a well written […]

Final Preparations For The 4 April 2013 Government Big Data Forum

The 4 April 2013 Government Big Data Forum is shaping up to be an absolutely incredible event, especially if you are a government professional seeking ways to make sense over data to better serve your organization’s mission.  The event will also be great for the IT community that serves and supports the government. If you […]

Come Interact With The Government Big Data Community 4 April 2013

The Government Big Data Forum has been gathering every year for three years now to discuss how to leverage Big Data for government mission impact. We dive deep into lessons learned, share issues/challenges, receive demos from hot technology firms and network with fellow practitioners in a day-long forum. This year we are so excited about this event […]

New year, new Congress: What's next for DATA?

[This post by Hudson Hollister is cross-posted on the Data Transparency Coalition’s blog.]   Tomorrow a new U.S. Congress – the 113th, elected last November – will be sworn in.  The 112th Congress finished its run with a divisive confrontation on fiscal priorities. Advocates of opening up government data are rightfully disappointed at the lack […]