Kubi: Adding Life to Teleconferencing

Traditional video conferencing can be frustrating. In this virtual environment, not having the ability to see whom you are conversing with can be a great disadvantage. Speaking directly to each person in the group, like you are physically present, can be the presence needed to lead or be a part of an impactful meeting. There is […]

DHL’s Drone Delivery Service

DHL, a German logistics company , has announced its launch of a new drone delivery service that will transport “urgently needed goods”, which include life-saving medicines, to remote locations. The company’s plan is to use small, parcel-carrying drones to deliver medications and emergency supplies to Juist, an island in Germany’s North Sea, where more traditional delivery options […]

Three Minute Video from @LockheedMartin Highlights Current and Future Robots and DARPA Robotics Challenge

The video embedded below and at this link provides a three minute overview of some current and future robots.  It is short and exciting and well worth three minutes of your time: From the video description: Robots are coming of age. As part of the DARPA Robotics Challenge, Lockheed Martin is developing autonomous systems that work […]

NSF releases Cloud Computing Report

The National Science Foundation released their report on cloud computing. It can be found here. The intent of this report is to provide information that guides funding programs. The NSF used NIST’s guidance on cloud computing to inform their research and decision making. This report will be instrumental in informing Federal decision makers and cloud […]

Mature Models for Healthy and Resilient Cyber Systems

In February 2011 we reported on a Department of Homeland Security research agenda for cyber security, providing the opinion that this was “the most mature research agenda on the topic of cyber security.” That research agenda is fantastic and should help shape the future cyber ecosystem in very positive ways. Now in March 2011, DHS has produced […]

What is the Cyber Conflict Studies Association?

The Cyber Conflict Studies Association (CCSA) is a non-profit organization formed to promote and lead a diversified research agenda in the field of cyber conflict.  The group was formed as a means to foster dialogue, lead research and develop academic programs focused on the implications of cyber conflict. To meet these goals, CCSA promotes and […]