Facebook used as a billboard for malware, Officials and industry preparing for a more mobile government and more


Here are the top cybersecurity news and stories of the day. Facebook used as billboard for malware – “A cybercriminal has taken to selling his malware and related services on Facebook, boldly choosing a public forum to reach potential customers over the secretive world of the online underground.” This is a bold move by the […]

Obama tags EPA, OMB and DoE heads, DHS 3.0 has cybersecurity as a top priority and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Obama makes three major personnel announcements – President Obama has announced the heads of three organizations, the OMB, the Department of Energy and the EPA. All of them have extensive experience in the government, specifically in organizations. Via FedScoop, more here. Napolitano calls for […]

Evernote hacked, 2013 Cloud Security concerns and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Evernote Hack Exposes User Data, Forces Extensive Password Resets – If you are an Evernote user, chances are you got quite the shock this weekend. Evernote forced a manual reset for all of its users, and “About 50 million passwords have been changed following the […]

GSA CIO: big data the next big thing, Mobile-Phone Towers Survive Latest iOS Jailbreak Frenzy and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. GSA CIO: big data the next big thing – Casey Coleman, CIO of GSA, announced on her blog that she finds big data to be the “next big thing.” Data.gov now hosts 345K data sets and is visited over 1M times a month. “GSA […]

DHS Aiding with DDoS Attacks, Navy Cancels Annual IT Conference and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. OMB tells agencies to begin sequestration plans – OMB has released further information to federal agencies, instructing them to begin planning for sequestration. “Agencies presented with these circumstances should continue to act in a prudent manner to ensure that operational risks are avoided and adequate […]

Sequestration and DoD IT: No Plan In Sight

Everywhere I go now, all I hear about is the upcoming Armageddon called sequestration.  As I visit DoD offices, attend conferences and mingle with my colleagues at breakfasts or in the halls of Government Agencies or Industry Headquarters, we all nervously query each other in hushed voices.  “Is your Company planning any lay offs?”  “Has […]