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Skydio: The self-flying self-thinking camera has arrived

Skydio makes flying tools that free your hands and mind. Their drone/UAV, the Skydio R1, uses computer vision to map the world as it moves (leveraging 13 cameras to build a 3D map of its surroundings that includes trees, people, buildings, and more), and then uses a 4k camera to record the video you want. You control it with simple to use smartphone apps, but can easily set it to just do its own thing and let it follow you, or your car, while you are on the move. The result is really incredible video.

This is a fantastic use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and well engineered robotics. We love this!

See it for yourself here:

The video captures some cool use cases, like filming the adventurous exploring the outdoors. But think of the many other use cases this could be used for, like ensuring safety or helping law enforcement or in disaster response. This is really powerful technology.

For more see: https://www.skydio.com/

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Behind the scenes of when @2chainz took R1 for a spin for his show, Most Expensivist. Check out the full episode tonight on @Viceland at 10pm!

Behind the scenes of when @2chainz took R1 for a spin for his show, Most Expensivist. Check out the full episode tonight on @Viceland at 10pm!

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