A look at the Mobile Landscape in May 2013

Todays’ mobile landscape is filled with a vast number of options to the uninitiated. But careful examination can easily whittle down the number of options to just a few phones. But here’s the brutal truth; now is just not a good time to buy a phone. In a few months it will be different, but that […]

Is 2013 the Year of the MVNO?

For the past 8 months, I’ve been using different versions of MVNOs. MVNOs are mobile virtual network operators, they run on top of traditional wireless carriers, providing access for a fraction of the typical mobile network costs. MVNOs come in many different varieties, from Wal-Mart’s Straight Talk to T-Mobile’s Solavei. My experiments with these have […]

AT&T will make LTE work with Small Cells, North American Data Usage up 120% and more

Here are the top tech news and stories of the day. AT&T’s LTE investments will go big by using small cells – AT&T will be spending $14B to update their wireless and wired networks this year. Part of that investment will have to go into increasing their LTE footprint. In the nextgen network, they are seriously […]

How fast is 3G and what is 3.5G and when will 4G really be here?

Most enterprise CTOs are very interested in the “cloud” and ways to tap into cloud-based resources.   An interesting aspect of this discussion has been how to access the cloud while on the move.   Today’s cellular networks support that access today, and future enhancements are making that support even better and much much faster. How much […]

Some Thoughts on Femtocells

AT&T recently released their Femtocell.  This device plugs into your home (or small office) network, and uses your current ISP to provide strong cell coverage.  Currently, AT&T and Sprint are the only networks with full on femtocells.  T-Mobile has their “Hotspot @ Home” which enables Wi-Fi phones to have better calling via your broadband internet, […]