Can Graph Databases Really Advance Our Digital Public Services?

Graph databases most commonly associated with social networks and recently adopted by enterprises are now being looked into by government agencies and the civil services to manage big data. Neo Technology’s Emil Eifrem explains how graph databases have the potential to enhance digital public services Government agencies are sitting on a wealth of information that […]

Data Lake Phenomenon Among Enterprises

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in the volume of data. To tackle this big data explosion, there has been a rise in the number of successful Hadoop projects in enterprises. Due to the large volumes of data, the emergence of Hadoop technology, and the need to store all soloed data in […]

New O’Reilly EBook: Field Guide To Hadoop

A new free E-book has just been released we believe will be of interest to a majority of our readers titled:  The Field Guide to Hadoop. This book is recommended for IT managers, developers, data analysts, system architects, and strategists who are faced with having to replace current systems and skills with the new set required […]

How And Why Paytronix Used Pentaho and Cloudera

The video at this link and embedded below features Paytronix President Andrew Robbins in a discussion of big data.  You might not have heard of Paytronix, but odds are very high that they have touched your life at one time or another. Paytronix helps restaurants built brand loyalty through industry-leading reward programs, email clubs, promotional engines, […]

We Love It When Mission Focused Providers Like Cloudera and Pentaho Work Together

Cloudera and Pentaho work well together and I’ve seen that first-hand in the marketplace. One very interesting way they are working together is through a deep integration of the two capabilities in ways that can deliver fast analysis to users. Pentaho can provide analytical tools that take advantage of the holdings and power of the […]

Bring More Analysis to Your Data: learn key architecture lessons learned over breakfast in Tysons Corner VA

Leading organizations are changing the way they think about data with an enterprise data hub and driving everyday decisions and actions, from fraud prevention to insider threat analysis to exploratory analytics, with new information and new insights. Transform your organization with an enterprise data hub and make your data a core asset in meeting your […]