A Recap of the 2009 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference

I previously mentioned the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference, which was held 17-21 May 2009.  I took lots of notes from the conference: enough, in fact, to fuel this blog for a long long time.  My associate Ryan Kamauff took even more (and more relevant) notes on the sessions there, and both of us kicked the tires […]

CTOs: Keep your focus on security and functionality

Technologists of all sort have been closely tracking events associated with cyber security, and most have been watching the many activities associated with White House efforts to enhance our ability to trust our digital infrastructure. In my view, technologists from academia, startups, IT providers, integrators and large enterprises (including the federal space) need to understand […]

Update of the CTOvision.com Tech Titans List

The CTOvision.com Tech Titans list has just been updated with a new snapshot of the globe’s top Information Technology (IT) firms by market cap. The firms on the list are all important for enterprise chief technology officers (CTO) and chief information officers (CIO) to track. Links to financial information and news sources are provided with […]

Some Context on Malware in the Enterprise

I’ve previously written about a company I advise called Invincea. They have just been named a finalist for the Most Innovative Company at the RSA 2011 conference.  This is a big deal.  And it is for good reason.  If you are concerned with malicious code please check them out. Invincea has allowed me to contribute […]

Mobile Risk Management: Welcome to the Jungle

Philip Ewing reports on a nightmare scenario for the Department of Defense. Suppose a worker’s Android phone is infected with malware, and she innocently plugs it into her work computer to charge and sync contacts. You can imagine the government IT workers turning green at the thought of thousands of unknown phones running unknown software […]

Unveillance: Data Leak Intelligence Platform

Today’s global economies face a wide range of malware causing great damage to user systems. Over 300 million networks and IP’s on the Internet have been infected or compromised by malware. At present, Unveillance is tracking over 19 million infected public IPs hourly across the globe. In response, Unveillance developed the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Data […]