IBM has a big problem, Telcos using Big Data and more

Here are the top tech news and stories of the day. IBM has a big problem – In 2012, IBM failed their internal security audit. This has pushed off their annual review as a result. After IBM’s huge off-shoring push, correcting these security issues might be (almost) impossible. Via BetaNews, more here. How telcos are using […]

Apple will have to change the way they do business for emerging markets

If you look over at TechCrunch today, they have an interesting article on how the largest carrier in Russia is fighting with Apple to get a  reasonably priced iPhone for their market. Current smartphone penetration in Russia is only estimated at 15%; however, that number is expected to jump to 60% by 2014. According to the TechCrunch […]

So Long Steve, Welcome Tim

We here at Crucial Point LLC like to bring you all news about disruptive technologies and speculate upon their effects business and government.  This article is not about a new technology, but is concerned with a company that has brought about several disruptive and iconic items in the last decade.  This company of course is […]