CTOvision Named To BizTech’s List Of Top 30 Must-Read Blogs For the Small to Mid-sized Business

We are pleased to report that CTOvision has been named to BizTech’s list of the top 30 “Must-Read” blogs for small to mid-sized businesses, ranking as number 2 of 30. The small to mid-sized market includes all firms under 2000 people in size, which is 90% of the businesses in the U.S. We believe in the small to mid-sized business […]

U.S.-Japan Rebalancing

The United States and Japan just released their Interim Report on the Revision of the Guidelines for U.S. – Japan Defense Cooperation. Anyone who works U.S.-Japan interoperability issues (from policy to technology) will be interested in the language contained in the report, which is basically an action item from the last U.S. – Japan Security […]

Ebola Models: Prediction on the Spread of the Virus

The second person in the U.S. infected with the Ebola virus was just announced. There is concern surrounding the spread of the virus throughout the United States. The second nurse reportedly flew to Ohio for the weekend, before returning to Texas with symptoms of the virus. Read our review of models and methods for tracking […]

Ebola Tracking with LUX

We saw what David Waldrop of ICG Solutions was doing with LUX related to an interesting tracking issue associated with Ebola and wanted to share this with you.  Please let us know if you have any questions or desire for a follow-on connection with David and we will connect you directly. No one would dispute […]

Home Depot Breach Update

Last week, CTOVision shared a story from KrebsonSecurity.com, reporting that Home Depot had potentially suffered a large data breach in recent months. At that time, a Home Depot representative acknowledged that the company was investigating “unusual activity” but failed to confirm that a breach had occurred. In a release dated September 8th, The Home Depot […]