The Navy Virtualizes

If you thought data management was difficult in business, imagine the nightmare it becomes in the Navy. The Navy faces monumental and unique challenges with its shipboard networks as, just like everywhere else, data flows continue to increase. The systems aboard US ships tend to be outdated since they can only be upgraded while the […]

A few minutes with Justice's CIO, Vance Hitch

Vance Hitch, Department of Justice’s CIO, recently sat down with FedScoop and discussed his cybersecurity efforts.  DoJ has a phased approach to cybersecurity.  Included in these issues needed to be addressed are data loss prevention and insider threats. The results are some great context in video. Mr Hitch was also kind enough to add some […]

IT Acquisition, Staffing Cuts, and More

Here are today’s federal IT and cybersecurity stories and links: Tami Johnson, program manager for Army’s Rapid Equipping Force, explains that a fast acquisition of information technology will not always work. More here. The State and Defense Department are engaging in joint cyber war games with their Chinese counterparts. More here. The Obama administration expressed […]

Radar Analytics, Emergency Medicine Training Games, and More

Today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news round-up: The Navy is looking for a real-time analytical tool to detect threats and enemy tactics from radar data. More here. The Army posted a request for information for gloves that would enable soldiers to use mobile device touchscreens while being tough enough to withstand combat. More here. […]

NGEN Cost Estimates Halved, Alleged Iranian NASA Hack, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news: The Navy has reduced it’s estimated cost for the Next-Generation Enterprise Network in roughly half to between $4.5 and $5.398 billion over five years. More here. NASA is investigating allegations that a team of Iranian hackers compromised its Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. More here. The  Defense Advanced […]

Innovation and Robotics: The Uncanny Valley of Death

The Jetsons premiered almost 50 years ago, but where’s Rosey? Science fiction has been predicting the rise of robotics in daily life for decades and, for the most part, science fact has delivered, with ever-improving artificial intelligence driven by faster processors, and continued advancements in mechanical engineering allow machines to perform increasingly complex physical functions. […]