The Future of SPAWAR Contracting And Other Industry Interest Items

SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic held their quarterly Industry Day in Charleston, SC on 16 April 2015 (known as the Small Business Industry and Outreach Initiative (SBIOI)).   SSC LANT personnel provided an update on their current and future contracting opportunities to over 300 Defense Contractors.   It was great to see an expanded contingent from SSC LANT […]

Pursuing DoD Business? Here is what is driving major USN procurements

CTOvision Pro senior analyst Chris Scott produced an updated assessment relevant to organizations seeking to serve the DoD market in this special report. For more login and see: Pursuing DoD Business? Here is what is driving major USN procurements   

The Navy’s Disconnected Refresh Strategy: Delivering Yesterday’s IT Tomorrow

I’m going to spell out a challenge in hopes that someone fixes this (if you have a way to fix this issue you will be a hero to us all and probably make a billion dollars at the same time). If you have been on a Navy ship recently then you know the ugly truth: […]

Navy Information Dominance Day 2014: What industry needs to know to serve the USN

Editor’s note: our research analyst Chris Scott produces recaps below for industry partners seeking to better serve federal missions. They are produced for our CTOvision Pro readers. For access, sign up here. On 7 May, the Navy again assembled all their leaders in C5ISR to brief Industry on their priorities and requirements.  This annual ritual […]

Creating The New Cyber Warrior: Eight South Carolina Universities Compete

When Defense Secretary Hagel announced that he was going to expand his cyber workforce by more than 6,000 by the end of 2016, I think most of us in the industry collectively wondered: “Where the heck is he going to FIND these cyber warriors?” While almost every University is paying attention to this career enhancing […]

DoD Public And Private Cloud Mandates: And insights from a deployed communications professional on why it matters

All who track DoD technology issues have been waiting way too long to see DoD to capitalize on the benefits of Cloud Solutions. This topic has been studied for years (see, for example, DSB Report on Cyber Security and Reliability in a Digital Cloud). Building on years of work, Ms. Takai, DoD’s CIO, signed out the […]