Thin Client Laptops: Functionality, Security, Mobility

For the past few weeks I’ve been using a unique device — a totally stateless laptop. It is the Tadpole M1400 Ultra-Thin Client Wireless Sun Ray. Here are some things this device can enable for enterprise users: Enhanced security.  If the laptop is lost/stolen/attacked no data is lost.  The data is never in the laptop, […]

Wall Street Crisis, Enterprise Technology and Cloud Computing

I just read a great overview on “The Tech Fallout from the Wall Street Crisis” posted by Rich Miller at the Data Center Knowledge site.   Here are four of the six key points Rich makes: North American financial companies will slash their IT spending 27.3 percent to $17.6 billion next year, down from $24.2 billion […]

How fast is 3G and what is 3.5G and when will 4G really be here?

Most enterprise CTOs are very interested in the “cloud” and ways to tap into cloud-based resources.   An interesting aspect of this discussion has been how to access the cloud while on the move.   Today’s cellular networks support that access today, and future enhancements are making that support even better and much much faster. How much […]

A Recap of the 2009 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference

I previously mentioned the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference, which was held 17-21 May 2009.  I took lots of notes from the conference: enough, in fact, to fuel this blog for a long long time.  My associate Ryan Kamauff took even more (and more relevant) notes on the sessions there, and both of us kicked the tires […]

I like my MiFi: A micro hotspot that fits in your shirt pocket

I bought a NovatelWireless MiFi for business use this week.  Like lots of other mobile users I need good connectivity and am not always places where WiFi is available and I also have several devices so the idea of having my own mobile hotspot sounded like something I would have to try.   I purchased the […]

Blackberry 9630 Tour: Perfect for my small business needs

I just upgraded my Verizon Blackberry World Edition to the BlackBerry Tour 9630. This note provides a few observations. I use my phone for business, so I need good clear always-on voice.  But my Blackberry is also my hand held office. I need a device that lets me rapidly draft and send e-mails, and I […]