Apple and IBM Announce Partnership

In a move that blurs the line between consumer gadgets and enterprise technology, Apple and IBM announced on July 15th a partnership to transform enterprise mobility. The collaboration intends to develop new business applications that bring IBM’s big data capabilities, security services, and device management to Apple’s popular iPhones and iPads. The four primary goals […]

Reset the Net Campaign

Fight for the Future, a nonprofit that advocates for digital rights and Internet freedom, is spearheading an anti- National Security Agency protest on June 5th to Reset the Net. Marking the one-year anniversary of the first Edward Snowden report on the NSA, the protest seeks to eradicate the government “prison” around the Internet by making Internet […]

House Committee Votes to End NSA’s Bulk Data Collection

Following former government contractor Edward Snowden’s leaks about the American intelligence community collecting data on American citizens, Congress has been under pressure to limit perceived intrusions on American privacy and to reverse the trend of growing domestic surveillance. On May 7th, the House Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to terminate the intelligence community’s collection of American […]

Critical Vulnerability Found, Exploited, Patched in Internet Explorer

Microsoft acknowledged a zero day vulnerability in Internet Explorer – the default web browser for many computers, laptops, and tablets – in a security advisory released last weekend. Vulnerable Internet Explorers include versions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. According to the Wall Street Journal, FireEye Inc. – a cyber security firm based in […]

Google Acquires Drone Maker Titan Aerospace

Young tech companies certainly do not shy away from innovation or acquisition. Two examples: this year, Facebook acquired virtual reality firm Oculus in an effort to develop new communication lines, and Google purchased DeepMind, pushing into the artificial intelligence sphere.  The money involved wasn’t exactly pocket change; each acquisition cost upwards of hundreds of millions […]