The Gesture Control Ring

Have you ever wished that you could use your finger as a magical stylus to control the world around you? I know I have. Today, there is a tool that turns your finger into a “magical wand.” You can write text messages, turn on/off lights, snap a photo, change the song you are listening to, […]

Thync: A New Wearable to Alter Your Mood

A new wearable called Thync might be able to boost your energy or calm your nerves by sticking the device to your forehead. Thync’s device, which goes on sale today for $299, is the latest in a growing array of new wearables that promise to alter moods and mental states. Before Thync, there were, Melon, and […]

Highlights from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

The video below is provided by CNET and covers various electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show. It is an early highlights review, but had enough interesting foreshadowing we wanted to bring it to your attention.  CNET’s Donald Bell and Bridget Carey run through the show highlights. Watch the CNET video here. Related articles Consumer Electronics […]

Smart Skin: Computers that attach to the skin bring new meaning to term wearable computing

MC10 is a company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that has been testing computers that attach to skin and look like little wearable stickers. The device is intended to include: wireless antennas, temperature and heart-rate sensors, as well as a tiny battery. Our devices are not like wearables that are used today, where people wear them […]

Last Call for Speculation on 9 September Apple Event

In terms of consumer electronics, few companies match Apple in terms of brand recognition or quality. The iPod changed the digital music game almost fifteen years ago; the iPhone (along with other smartphones of course) similarly redefined what we expect from our mobile devices. One of the world’s largest companies, Apple’s new products are always […]