HP is back in the smartphone market, again.

What would it take to get you to buy a HP smartphone? HP just confirmed they will be taking another leap into the smartphone sector. After spending $1.3 billion on webOS and then shutting it down three years later, HP is ready to give it another shot. Jon Rubinstein, the exCEO of webOS, expressed his disappointment with HP’s […]

Nexus 7 successor rumors out, Pebble Smartwatch Review and more

Here are the top mobile news and stories of the day. XBMC 12 Frodo Arrives, Bringing Raspberry Pi And Android Versions, AirPlay Audio For Windows And 64bit OS X Support – The XBox Media Center grew out of users wanting to get more from their connected gaming devices. It has evolved from that to be […]

Google's Andy Rubin Promises to re-dedicate Google to Tablet Game

Much has been made of the iPad’s utter dominance in tablet sales and ownership. It is thought that well over 70% of US tablet owners own the iPad, and with the unveiling of the iPad 3 just days away, the Android community has got to make some waves to combat the iPad’s popularity and media […]

Technology Titans Refresh: Feb 2012

In the past, Bob had been vigorously keeping up with the Titans of the Tech industry (here). These posts should give a picture of how the technology world is moving (and over time, identify trends). We have used market capitalization as our key indicator, but that’s just for ranking purposes. We intend to continue our […]

A Few Questions to Ask yourself before you Order the iPhone 4

Last week, Steve Jobs released Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 4.  It is without a doubt a stunning piece of engineering and design.  I, for one, certainly find it the most attractive iPhone yet.  The new iPhone has the same A4 processor as the iPad, and a “retina display” screen.  The new screen has packed more pixels into […]