Computer Security: a change to the net assessment

The threat to our computers and networks is very real.   Dozens of millions of malicious bots have been projected to be operating in PCs.  Hackers have penetrated sensitive, seemingly well protected corporate sites.  Denial of service attacks have been conducted against businesses and even countries.  And press reporting indicates even sensitive US government computers have […]

An Enterprise CTO's View of Cyberspace

I heard yet another definition of cyberspace today.  I won’t repeat it here, I’ll just say it was an academic’s definition and it was somewhat useful to the particular conversation we were having.  But it pointed to an enduring problem for those who try to study these concepts.  If everyone everywhere can create their own […]

White House Conducting Review of Cyber

Followers of the cyber initiative and its related work have been strongly encouraged by the kickoff of a 60 day study tasked by the White House and led by Melissa Hathaway.  Melissa was named by President Obama to conduct this review.   As has been reported here in previous posts Melissa is one of the […]

Cyberpower and National Security

Last week at the InfowarCon my friend Dan Kuehl handed me a copy of Cyberpower and National Security.  Cyberwar has been a topic Dan has been exploring in some detail for quite a while.  I first met Dan in 1996 when I was a student at the USMC Command and Staff College, and at that […]

How Cyberpunk Killed Cybersecurity

This post is cowritten by AdamElkus and Alex Olesker. Before we begin, please understand just how hard it is for us to write this blog. I’ve read Neuromancer countless times, enthusiastically used Snow Crash in undergrad to talk about the future of international relations, and watched both Ghost in the Shell movies and the Stand Alone Complex […]

How Cyberpunk Revived Cybersecurity

This post was cowritten by Adam Elkus and Alex Olesker Our last post looked at the downside of how cyberpunk and digital dualism helped contribute to a distorted understanding of cyberspace and bad policy. Yes, it might seem a bit ridiculous at first glance: would we blame Jules Verne for faults with naval submarine warfare doctrine […]