Napatech at a Glance

An introduction to Napatech: Imagine you find an open window into your company’s system. You quickly realize that nefarious individuals are attempting to break into your system and steal sensitive information. What if you could prevent a break in before the thought even came about. Napatech is committed to stopping criminals before they get into […]

Anonymous Identifies Israel as Next Target

Anonymous, the decentralized network of hacktivists that often targets organizations accused of rights abuses or hindering freedom, posted a video to YouTube last week condemning Israel’s actions on the Gaza Strip and threatening the Israeli government with a slew of upcoming cyber attacks. Accusing Israel of “violations of international law and crimes against humanity”, the video […]

What is Twitch and Why is Google Paying a Billion Dollars for It?

Before this month most Americans had not even heard of Twitch. A videogame-streaming company, Twitch describes itself as “the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers.” The company allows gamers to upload short videos from games, watch other users’ uploads, and chat with other gamers. Todd Spangler, at, first reported this month that […]

Marc Andreessen on the Future of Technology and Implications for Government Service to Citizens

If you are a professional in technology, government and/or business you have no doubt already been exposed to the very interesting Marc Andreessen. Odds are many of our readers are already tracking his thoughts closely via his blog, his media interactions captured on YouTube and his very dynamic and thought engaging Twitter Feed where you can now track the dynamics […]

Identity Based Internet Protocol (IBIP): A network security innovation developed at The MITRE Corporation

Editor’s note: I’ve referenced before my participation on the board of  Centripetal Networks, and their ability to deliver large scale commercial solutions of MITRE’s IBIP are an area I am particularly proud of. – bg Over the last several years The MITRE Corporation has published pieces about their development of enhanced security protocols in the construct of […]

Measuring the American Reaction to Heartbleed

Since the bug became public knowledge in early April, the Heartbleed vulnerability has captured media headlines across the U.S. The hole existed in OpenSSL, an open-source program used by hundreds of thousands of websites. The bug affected some of the world’s most popular sites, including Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia. Even worse, the vulnerability existed […]