Sea Dragon and PhotoSynth

During a recent visit to Microsoft HQ in Redmond I was treated to updates on several current and planned technologies (thanks Microsoft!).  I try to get back there yearly and learn every time I do.  I have a few posts to do because of this trip, but the info I’m reporting on is all available […]

We Have A Cyber Czar, and He Has Spoken

A debate has been running for months both among government thought leaders and the technical literati on whether or not the US should appoint a “Cyber Czar” who can exert authority over IT security in the federal space or perhaps even aspects of the nation’s IT defenses.  This is a complex discussion that has had […]

John Stewart Examines and Explains Twitter

Note: This is an update of the now famous John Stewart Twitter explanation that links to the Comedy Central version.  The YouTube version was pulled in order to better serve you. This video clip from the Daily Show just made my day.   The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – Th 11p / 10c Twitter […]

Video for the Enterprise CTO

I enjoy learning from and interacting with great CTO teachers face to face, which is why direct meetings are an incredibly important part of life.  But that model does not scale well.  There is no way any human can begin to schedule enough time/meetings/conferences/interactions to tap into all the great teachers there. Social media can […]

A Recap of the 2009 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference

I previously mentioned the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference, which was held 17-21 May 2009.  I took lots of notes from the conference: enough, in fact, to fuel this blog for a long long time.  My associate Ryan Kamauff took even more (and more relevant) notes on the sessions there, and both of us kicked the tires […]

I like my MiFi: A micro hotspot that fits in your shirt pocket

I bought a NovatelWireless MiFi for business use this week.  Like lots of other mobile users I need good connectivity and am not always places where WiFi is available and I also have several devices so the idea of having my own mobile hotspot sounded like something I would have to try.   I purchased the […]