Tamr: Connect and enrich all your data for analytics and decision making

tamrWith this post we are initiating coverage of Tamr.

Tamr was founded in 2013 by a distinguished cadre of database industry veterans including Andy Palmer and Turing award winner Mike Stonebreaker.

Tamr enables enterprises to make use of 100% of available data by unifying and enriching data holdings. Tamr's data unification platform catalogues, connects and curates internal and external data sources at scale through a combination of machine learning algorithms and human expert guidance, radically reducing the cost, time and effort of preparing data for analysis.

For a succinct overview of the Tamr approach see the video at this link and embedded below:

From their website:

Businesses have mission-critical questions to ask and the data assets they need to answer them. They’ve invested heavily in big data analytics — $44 billion in 2014 alone, according to Gartner. But they still can’t consume about 90% of their collected data, which remains scattered in silos and sources across the organization.

Data cleaning and curation is the cornerstone of modern business intelligence pipelines. Data must first be “Cataloged” and “Connected” before it can be “Consumed” by applications and various analytics tools. Learn how the Tamr data unification platform helps businesses addresses these challenges.

For more see Tamr.com


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