Teradici: PC Over IP

Teradici is the developer of the innovative PCoIP® (PC-over-IP®) protocol that delivers an enhanced user experience over a standard IP network and enables IT to consolidate users across the entire enterprise user base from mainstream office workers to extreme graphics users over LAN and WAN.


Teradici PCoIP technology enables the practical realization of VDI and server-based computing. Integrated with VMware View® and available for Microsoft® RDS, and with a broad ecosystem of hardware and software solutions, PCoIP technology is used for everything – from booking holidays to designing cars, making movies, trading currencies, distance learning and viewing radiology images.

A growing ecosystem of over 30 third-party vendors provide a wide variety of PCoIP products including server offload cards, rack and tower workstations, blade PCs, zero clients, optimized software clients, integrated monitors, touch-screen devices, and IP phones with added PCoIP capability.

Teradici drives innovation to fundamentally change the way people use and deploy computers by developing technology and solutions that deliver a true, uncompromised PC user experience over IP networks.

For more see: http://www.teradici.com/

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