The Alliance for Digital Innovation: Accelerating change by driving government adoption of innovative commercial technology

The Alliance for Digital Innovation is a Group of some of the nation’s most innovative, admired and virtuous technology organizations. They exist to accelerate change by driving government’s adoption of innovative commercial technology.

Their website has a line that captures what they believe: It’s time to replace outdated, insecure and costly-to-maintain legacy systems.

Many organizations in government behave as if they think IT procurement should be the same as the way the government procures and Aircraft Carrier. Spend years creating requirements and soliciting bids then direct companies to build the result the government requirements call for, finally getting delivery years after the process began, always over budget.

Many in government know this is a problem and seek to do things newer, better, faster ways. There is progress. But clearly not enough. The ADI seeks to help those in government on the side of progress. Their website states they are for acquisition at the speed of technology:

Technology evolves with ever increasing speed. But accessing new technologies is very difficult for government.

Why? Because outdated and cumbersome procurement requirements take months to navigate.​

Many IT solutions acquired by government are obsolete the very day they are installed, because they take too long to get through the procurement system.

ADI will tackle these obstacles by examining current procurement practices, and supporting new acquisition techniques that deliver innovative commercial technologies to government.

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